Industry: Construction and Property

Digitalisation of the construction and property industry

Implementing digitalization projects and strategies requires the ability and willingness to adapt. If the goal is to build high quality structures while also maintaining a motivated workforce in the sector, it’s crucial to have the right tools where they are most needed. A customized approach for your business to meet both your own and your industry's et common goals will be essential. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that digitalization itself is not the end target, but rather a tool to get there.

Evidi is committed to ensuring that you succeed with your strategic goalsdigita where digitalization will be a significant key to achieving them. Evidi possesses a comprehensive expertise in Microsoft's products in addition to consulting, change management, development, implementation and maintenance of critical IT solutions. We equip businesses to seize opportunities through a holistic approach to people, processes and technology.

Through a number of digitalization projects within the industry, we've grown our expertise and can offer end-to-end projects, based on the company's needs to achieve the strategic goals. 

We assist you and your organization in becoming:

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  • Establish or further develop a digital roadmap

  • Establish and further develop a robust Business Driven Architecture

  • Get to know which Microsoft products can be used to help you succeed in achieving your company's strategic goals

  • Confident that all data, IT architecture and applications are being taken care of

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Project and portfolio management

To achieve success in construction, it is essential for organisations to effectively manage their projects, real estate portfolios and professional networks. When you have a good overview of these areas, you can gain valuable insight and increased transparency about your business's day-to-day operations. This opens up opportunities to implement strategic measures, reduce risks, and improve both profitability and satisfaction among employees and partners.

Evidi provides services to establish a strong IT infrastructure with robust data structures. This lays the foundation for access to important data and enables in-depth analytics.

With this approach, bedrifterbusinesses can  make informed, data-driven decisions that improve both efficiency and the quality of work.

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Optimized ERP

In construction and property, maintaining control over business operations is essential. By collecting all relevant data together in one place, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems give business leaders a holistic view of their business.

Evidi offers implementation of ERP solutions based on Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. These tools optimize your business's agility, allowing it to adapt to the market situation. At the same time, they provide increased control over key business processes from start to finish. The tools also support any needs for new business models, increase profitability and provide the opportunity to act quickly and efficiently in line with the industry's solution-oriented culture.

Value-oriented CRM

The sector often has complex business relationships with multiple stakeholders, including customers, builders, contractors, suppliers, and subcontractors. An effective customer relationship management (CRM) system helps structure and manage these relationships, so that the business can deliver better service and meet customer needs. Integrating the CRM system with project management tools enables a more efficient management of construction projects, ensuring an optimal allocation of resources.

With a CRM solution that promotes growth, the business will reap more from the investments made. Evidi specializes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Engagement) and Power Platform, and delivers on everything from CRM and marketing strategies – to Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and associated Copilots. Whatever your business's CRM needs, Evidi tailors solutions that support every part of your organization and create value for customers, employees, and partners.

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Cloud based platform and infrastructure

The success of businesses within the construction and property industry depends on a secure, flexible, and cost-effective IT platform. With a robust digital platform, the organization is better prepared to meet the demands of an increasingly digitalized industry.

Evidi offers solutions that promote increased flexibility and scalability, so you can adapt to the market situation continuously. Our services range from on-prem migration to the cloud, to complex hybrid environments with comprehensive networking, security, identity, and device management coverage. This contributes to reduced costs and increased security for all devices and digital infrastructure, which is essential for a data-driven business in the industry.

The future is data-driven

Integration and data platform are key elements in maximizing the value of data. By focusing on data quality and security, the risk of interaction around data that is incorrect and outdated is reduced.

Evidi helps you establish a digital data platform and architecture, and end-to-end integrations. The data platform includes the possibility of making Master Data components available through MDC (Master Data Cache). This provides the ability to embark on a phased approach when introducing new IT tools without compromising data integrity.

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Strengthening digital security

Security is about adapting the level of security to the reality and needs of your situation, so that you are equipped to handle the threats that come your way and can sleep well at night. Security encompasses a range of services to develop and maintain resilience against cyber threats. In the construction and real estate industries, security measures are essential to protect against threat actors, meet legal requirements, avoid system downtime, and secure sensitive data according to privacy requirements.

By investing in digital security, you reduce the risk of data leaks and strengthen your preparedness against cyberattacks and other digital threats that can affect your business and important projects, especially within critical infrastructure. Evidi ensures that security is maintained and that there is clear ownership of the data.

We offer the following security products and services:

  • Safety Strategy Workshop
  • Cyber Security in the Board Room
  • Emergency preparedness and crisis management
  • ISMS (Information Security Management System)
  • Penetration testing
  • Risk and vulnerability assessment
  • Security Assessment
  • Security awareness (simulation and training)
  • Basic security training

Apps & Low-Code

For the industry, it is often a challenge to meet the need for rapid digitalization and implementation of system support to meet immediate needs in projects. This often includes the need for temporary or short-term solutions that require both flexibility and ease of use, while ensuring that data is collected and shared within secure environments.

Our approach to Apps & Low-Code helps you meet these demands, with a specialized expertise in the high-productivity platform Microsoft Power Platform. Power Platform has a flexibility and user-friendliness that streamlines everyday life at work as well as privately, both out in the field and in the office. For example, a PowerApp can cover HSE requirements, such as construction site checklists and notifications, and makes it possible to build an app for smoother inspections and built-in AI for object recognition and measurements. Evidi's comprehensive approach covers the establishment and execution of Power Platform strategies and the Center of Excellence, Power Platform Factory, PowerApps, PowerAutomate, Portals, and PowerVirtualAgents.

Better interaction

The industry needs more effective collaboration and sharing of knowledge among stakeholders. Better interaction and continuous documentation reduces the level of conflict, creates more effective communication and minimizes the need for training for new resources and partners in projects, while reducing the risk of delays.

Evidi leverages Microsoft 365's productivity applications, cloud services, and security solutions to create a more efficient and connected work environment. This provides better access to the correct documentation and information, reduces the time spent searching for information, and minimizes the risk of reliance on key resources. Storing, validating, and collecting information throughout the project enables a transparent and easy handover of completed projects. Evidi offers a collaboration guide and helps you become Copilot Ready.

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Innovation and partnership

Microsoft technology does not fully cover the needs in the industry, and this is why it's important for Evidi to have partnerships to meet the needs of both the Norwegian and Nordic markets. Evidi is an active participant in the professional group for the Norwegian Data Association and have access to a rich ecosystem of established industry solutions.

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Optimal licensing

In the construction and property industry, licensing services are essential for ensuring operations in compliance with laws and regulations, maximizing resource use, mitigating risk, and protecting against security threats.

Evidi ensures optimal licensing at all times with experts who are up-to-date and have access to tools that will provide valuable insights for optimizing usage and needs. In this way, we make sure that you avoid unnecessary costs and that you are correctly licensed at all times. We offer health checks, license strategy, license consulting and license as a service. With our licensing services, our customers gain increased cost efficiency and free up valuable resources.

Support: Efficient management of IT needs

Support and management services form the backbone of i allether business. This is why it’s important to have a partner who is able to see the total needs and who is both proactive and reactive depending on the customer's wishes. By choosing a partner who is up to date on market situations, you are able to seize opportunities in time.

Evidi offers stable and reliable support, management, and further development of customer relationships and solutions, with a team of experts providing centralized and streamlined support for managing the entire Microsoft portfolio and related ISVs. At Evidi, you will be able to relate to one player for your entire Microsoft portfolio; Azure, M365, Client & Device, Business Central, og Dynamics CRM, PowerPlatform, Microsoft Fabric and more.

For reporting and follow-up on various incidents, users get a simple interface for quick and efficient assistance in the event of technical or operational problems. With a dedicated Service Delivery Manager, access to resources for new or expanded projects is coordinated, and the service desk follows ITIL best practices with clearly defined SLAs (Service Level Agreements). This ensures customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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Change management and support for agile adaptation

The industry is navigating an ever-changing landscape. With this comes a need to be agile and willing to change, and to be able to turn around quickly to seize the opportunities that arise.

Change management can meet resistance, and it requires the right resources and tools to execute the changes in a good way. With extensive experience in change management, Evidi supports businesses through insights, communication, strategy and improvement of the change process. We also offer solutions and tools to support the changes, and assist with a digital strategy and help you further develop a solid Business Driven Architecture.

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Strategic Consulting and Sustainability

Construction has a significant impact on society, both locally and globally, and it will therefore be important for businesses in the industry to adapt to become more sustainable. The desired result over time is to improve the quality and lifespan of the buildings and constructions, combined with motivated people who work in the industry. By taking responsibility for sustainable development, the industry can make a positive contribution to society by creating more sustainable and resource-saving buildings, better working conditions and contributing to local economic growth. Integrating sustainable solutions can also ensure more long-term profitability and reduced risk related to future environmental requirements and changes in the market.

With constantly new requirements for emission reduction and sorting of data, it is important to have a partner who can assist in navigating and establishing for more automated collection and processing of the data. What is available and what is sufficient, what can be retrieved externally and which calculations and models should be used? 

Evidi has vast experience and expertise in consulting on sustainability data, sustainability strategy, reporting and program management. Our expertise enables you to meet legal requirements and to achieve both your own and common climate goals. Some of the benefits of sustainable practices and reporting of sustainability data can be a strengthened reputation and strengthened position as a responsible player in the industry. This can result in increased trust among customers, investors and other stakeholders.

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