Transformation with artificial intelligence

Restructure your business through smart use of data and artificial intelligence

Increased efficiency, smarter decisions, and faster innovation. Optimize operations through smart use of data and artificial intelligence and give your business increased execution power.

In today's digital era, artificial intelligence is no longer a distant scenario, but a reality that affects all aspects of life, including business operations. AI represents a unique opportunity for increased efficiency, improved decision-making, and innovation. To capitalize on this value requires adaptation to the changing landscape. Businesses need to adapt technologically, change their processes, and transform their culture to succeed in getting people on board.

Visionary transformation

The integration of AI starts with creating awareness and transformation to develop a culture that embraces it. Proactive leadership is the key to driving the transformation, by creating engagement and curiosity among employees, around the positive effects AI will have on the business. This requires a visionary approach, where the company clearly defines how it wants to use AI to create value.

It is not just about replacing human tasks, but about freeing up resources for creativity, strategic thinking and problem solving. A responsible and secure strategy for the use of data and artificial intelligence is crucial. A plan for how to be rigged to seize the opportunities and create the desired execution force.
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AI-powered architecture

AI relies on large amounts of data to learn and develop over time. Businesses must therefore have a solid data structure and access to quality data. In the past, this required significant investment in technology and IT infrastructure, as well as the establishment of robust data security protocols to protect sensitive information. With the emergence of new technology from open AI and Microsoft, AI has become easier and more accessible to more people. Rather than investing in "metal", increasing the team's competence will have a greater and direct effect on AI.

With a modern computer room and holistic architecture, these opportunities are available to businesses. The systems must work together and data must be made available in a secure manner - for Evidi this is Business Driven Architecture.

— AI is the next big platform that will permeate everything we do.

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Microsoft Copilot

Empower employees in the form of a personal assistant. Microsoft is introducing its own artificial intelligence, Copilot, into all its products and services, with some already available, and increasingly advanced solutions on the way. For most people, Copilot will be available through existing solutions. But is your business ready to use it?

To achieve value, the business depends on a good platform with available quality data that the solution can learn from, as well as implementation of the solutions Copilot will be part of, such as Teams and Office. Once this is implemented, the culture, interaction, communication, and utilization of the solution remains. And not least, change management. Employees should see Copilot as exactly what it is: an assistant who continually works to improve work performance and helps focus on what motivates them most.

A solid culture of communication and collaboration rooted in management will significantly increase the value of Copilot in implementation. So how can you ensure that the right culture is in place and that your business is geared up to use Copilot in the Microsoft 365 platform?

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