Value-oriented CRM: The structure behind great customer experiences

Engage enables your business to create and utilize opportunities. To have the insight to make the right choices and be relevant. And finally, to follow up at the right time. With a good CRM solution that contributes to growth, the business will gain more from the investments made.

The ability to engage and create good experiences are important criteria for success. This applies regardless of whether it is with customers, employees, suppliers, residents, or members. Companies that succeed are those that can remove friction and obstacles to efficiency and collaboration across the board.

The foundation lies in a common CRM

A common CRM system, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, facilitates the creation of unique customer experiences at every stage. Silos are demolished and departments are united by seamless handovers and information sharing. If you add relevant tools and well-defined processes across the board, the business is rigged to utilize the opportunities technology provides. Control of customer activity, increased quality of data, seamless work processes and easy access to information – across the business, provide increased perceived value internally and among customers and partners.

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A smarter way

The need for change is best met if the business has clearly defined goals and a common expectation of what results it wants to achieve. This provides focus, coordination, and transparency across the board. It's usually about utilizing available functionality in a smarter way.

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OBOS - More than just a customer

Evidi helps OBOS build better customer experiences with Dynamics 365 Marketing

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