Meet our people

We see challenges as an opportunity to create value. We've got each other's backs and wish each other success. We're invincible together — we're more than just tech people.

There has never been any doubt that our people are our most important resource. It is who we are and what we believe in that creates Evidi.

More than just tech people

David Røsand

Emma Eriksson

Anders Bråten

Frida Langeland

Glenn Olsen

Ida Aavistad

Ramiz Khalife

Karoline Agerup

Kim Olsen

Eline Lindsten

Morten Krosby

Sandra Mathisen

Stian Skjetne

Inger Lise Øhman Meisingset

Christoffer Øistad

June Hansen

Abdirahman Hassen

Kristin Brandsrud Stavrum

Aleksander Kjelstrup

Andrea Bonde

James Dean

Jan Vidar Elven

Christian Ask

Get to know the subject matter experts

There is a lot of value in simplifying, even though it can be difficult. We are curious and energized by familiarizing ourselves with the customer's business and issues and are constantly exploring new opportunities in technology. That's what we're driven by and are good at.

Knowledge strengthens the ability to succeed with digital transformation


Jan-Vidar Elven

Jan-Vidar, senior architect in the delivery area Enable, has plenty to keep track of. At the same time, he is passionate about technology in his spare time and enjoys writing about innovative solutions or presenting at conferences. Creative solutions, and a playful approach to IT, is what inspires him most.


Eline Lindsten

Eline is a senior consultant within Cloud Productivity in the Collaborate delivery area, and thinks the best part of the job is getting to work in the interface between people and IT. In this way, she can have one foot in the tech world, and one where the human focus lies, by her interest in people and ways of working.


Ramiz Khalife

Ramiz is a senior architect at Evidi and works with integration and digital service platform within the delivery area Accelerate. He's passionate about what he does. Because when curiosity and seeing opportunities in things is your passion, there is no escaping the fact that the job must also engage.


Sandra Mathisen

Sandra is a team leader in the delivery area Optimise. She is a restless person, and activity and exercise have become an important part of her lifestyle. At the same time, it's also a hobby she enjoys, and it fills her free time with pleasure.


David Røsand

David works with licenses within the License delivery area. He always goes all in and is inspired by challenges that need to be solved. He's a real team player and wants to be someone who can contribute – someone who makes a difference. But his greatest pride is his family.

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