Cloud-based integration service that simplifies development and management of integrations

Increasing digitalization and the transition to cloud-based solutions have led to an explosion of data, and its silo-based nature creates challenges for most businesses. Connxio is a cloud-based integration service that simplifies the development and management of integrations, breaking down silos. 

The service's primary purpose is to move and synchronize data between different IT systems in a secure and efficient manner. Connxio enables the transformation of data, allowing systems with different data structures and formats to communicate seamlessly. This eliminates the need for manual processes and increases the pace of development in new projects. 

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A less complex everyday life

Connxio is designed to make integration easy and efficient for businesses and is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. No installation is required, and the road from planning to production is both faster and smoother.

By using Connxio, companies can reduce the complexity of everyday life, free up resources from heavy core systems, clean up complex IT architecture and increase the pace of change. The result is an accelerated digitalisation process, fewer human errors and more focused resources that can be used for the core business.

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Easier and faster

Connxio has been developed with the user in focus, with emphasis on simplicity and ease of use. The service offers a comprehensive suite of transformation capabilities and an intuitive development portal, simplifying integration development and administration through a user-friendly web interface. The platform is continuously developed and adapted in line with customers' needs and wishes. Save time, eliminate manual processes, and speed up development with Connxio.

Alternate version for installation in customer's Azure tenant
Integrations are gathered in a clear picture, for control over data flow and health status
Installationless cloud-based SaaS solution

With Connxio you get:

  • Graphic designer window
  • Transformation functions
  • Versioning code components
  • Customer-separated data races
  • User management
  • "Smart retry"
  • Error handling
  • Tracking

Customer experience

Good use of resources is important for any business and can have a major impact on the bottom line. Nevertheless, many companies spend enormous resources on activities that do not involve their core business. This was something the pharmaceutical company Curida wanted to change.

We cut the time on international payments by 80-90%. Once approved, there is one button to press, and they are also posted and paid.

Terje Gabrielsen, CFO, Curida

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