Advice - Digital transformation: Bridge the current situation and the desired situation

Ranja Ovedal

Advice – give advice – see opportunities – give direction. It's about being able to solve tasks, across the business, innovatively, safely and cost-effectively. Knowledge strengthens the ability to succeed with digital change and makes smarter choices for how digitalisation can help build a bridge from the current to the desired situation.

Technology plays a crucial role in most businesses today. It’s about meeting a changing world, with new competitors, disruptive business models and changing framework conditions. It involves changes in the business model and how the organisation operates internally and externally, in the short term and over time.

Increased value of investments

Businesses that become aware of how modern technology can support their own business will experience increased value from their investments. The introduction of new digital solutions and platforms often ends with untapped potential. They do not extract enough value from their investments and very few have sufficient data to prove returns from their investments in technology.

Being able to solve tasks, across the business, in an innovative, safe and cost-effective way requires being specific about your change needs. What business challenges need to be solved? What opportunities do you want to realise? And how do you measure success?

– The investment in a new digital platform will give us a lot of value in the future. The platform will be an ace up its sleeve on the road to a hyper-modern IT everyday life. The architectural measures that the platform enables better facilitates the development of new services and lift systems into the cloud, says Frank-André Nilsen, Integration Architect at Intersport.

Get equipped to seize opportunities

The good digitalisation project starts with an understanding of what the process really entails. An important part of the process is to identify what changes actually need to be made to deliver on the needs that have been identified. Build a bridge between your current and desired situation. Where is the need for change greatest, and where should you focus to get to the desired situation faster. There's a lot of value in simplifying here, even though it can be difficult. Based on the investments you have already made in technology. Can they be exploited in other ways or support other parts of the business?

Those who succeed best set good priorities, choose direction and set clear goals for what they want to achieve. They think outside the box and alternatively for the use of technology, often based on inspiration from others who have succeeded or made smart choices.

A methodology for the implementation and introduction of new solutions and services is also crucial for a good result. An agile, sprint-based approach provides focus, and faster and measurable gains can be realised. It contributes to more efficient utilisation of resources and gives the business the opportunity to evaluate results and adjust in relation to what is important at any given time.

If you take change management seriously, invest in expertise and build a culture around new ways of working, you will experience mastery and reap benefits.

We enable our customers to succeed!

Our customers understand that technology is critical to the operation and development of their business. Therefore, they want to work with a partner who is committed to creating the most value, both financially and humanly. When this happens, we experience mastery together.

Evidi delivers expertise, capacity and technology, which gives our customers strengthened room for manoeuvre and implementation capacity. Let our advisors help you set clear goals. We design the plan that ensures good implementation and then ensure good management and operation. The goal is to ensure that each customer has the best prerequisites to achieve their strategic and operational goals.