Decide - In a data-driven and open culture, insights are made available to everyone, at all times

Ranja Ovedal


Decide – analyse – decide – improve. In a data-driven and open culture, insights are made available to everyone, at any time. With insights comes automation, innovation, better experience, and better decisions. By combining insight with artificial intelligence, sensors and automation, great opportunities arise in a data-driven organisation.

The amount of data is increasing, and it changes and grows as new technology is introduced into the business. This means that the insight gained so far is no longer sufficient to be able to make good decisions. By combining available insights with artificial intelligence, sensors and automation, great opportunities arise for creating a data-driven organisation.

Businesses that are able to exploit these opportunities optimally will experience increased business value. Cost and complexity are reduced, and work processes and business applications are improved. ‍

The trick is to know where to find the right data – and make it accessible!

Many businesses do not exploit the value found in their own data. Too much time and resources are still spent extracting data for analysis and reporting. There is often uncertainty associated with data quality and reports that have already been created. Do they provide the answer one wants? Is this really in use by anyone? Have we created "parallel truths"?

- You don't have to be a developer to create good reports as long as you have access to the right data.

Data Engineer in Evidi

Competence and experience are required to analyse, process and present data in good reports and views. Most businesses have the ability to create reports in Power BI. The challenge lies in knowing where to find the right data and how to make it available to those who need it in a secure and user-friendly way.

Veien til en datadrevet virksomhet

The goal is to eliminate unnecessary use of resources, get more satisfied employees and, of course, present good reports that can be further developed and scaled in a sustainable way.

The basis for good reports lies in knowing what data exists and how it can help create value for the business. This assumes that the data is complete and has good data quality, and that the time it takes to retrieve and design the reports is not perceived as a bottleneck.

A good model for management, structuring and access to data (data management) by means of access control must be in place. The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform addresses these needs by making data and tools for analysing and managing your data available in one place.

-> Make sure you have access to the right and necessary expertise

-> Get control of your own data (data washing, data modeling and structuring data)

-> Make data easily accessible for analysis and reporting

-> Consider solutions to leverage data from artificial intelligence, sensors and automation

-> Create great reports and dash boards that support your business needs

-> Ensure security with access control

-> Train – create ambassadors

Become the best at extracting value from technology

Evidi delivers expertise, capacity and technology, which gives our customers strengthened room for manoeuvre and implementation capacity. The goal is to ensure that each customer has the best prerequisites to achieve their strategic and operational goals. We are customer-oriented and data-driven in everything we do because it creates the greatest value for our customers.

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