Operate & Evolve - Reduces risk and frees up time

Ranja Ovedal

Operate & Evolve

Operate & Evolve – Manage – Develop – Continuous – Flexible. It's about reducing business risk, freeing up valuable resources and facilitating continuous business development. An important premise for achieving this lies in well-established management services and good customer chemistry. Services that monitor in real time, take the necessary steps and deliver modern and reliable services that are safe and robust, around the clock, all year round.

Many leaders struggle to grasp the power of their digital investments. The goal cannot be new systems, but increased implementation power and the development of new values for employees, customers and owners.

Today's technological landscape offers new opportunities and removes many of yesterday's pitfalls. Equally important to understanding the technical aspects is having a deep understanding of what it takes to get the people in the organisation to be part of the change. It is about providing security and a clear expectation of how the new everyday life will be and how it will affect their work situation. What happens when things don't work out? How can we allocate time and have the capacity to develop the services further? Businesses that can embrace these needs will experience increased business value.

The basis for growth lies in the management of the fund

One of the prerequisites for a successful project or implementation of new technology lies in a well-planned and well-founded model for management and further development. A good foundation creates security, reduces risk and frees up time and capacity to develop and improve products and services offered.

Elements that should be included in the model:

-> Operations and management based on methodology, framework and insight increase operational reliability and provide control. Supported by artificial intelligence.
-> Data-driven management information that is easily accessible and enables the business and the customer to act and make good decisions.
-> Resources and competence for continuous development and optimisation at service level.
-> User-friendly and accessible. It should be easy to get in touch, get answers, information and insight whether you are an internal or external customer and user of solutions and services offered.

When artificial intelligence becomes a "must have"

The amount of data is increasing, evolving and expanding with the introduction of new technology into the business. The insight that has so far been sufficient is increasingly perceived as inadequate to make good decisions and offer competitive products and services to customers. By combining artificial intelligence, sensors and automation with large amounts of available insights, significant opportunities arise.

The ability to adapt to users’ needs enables AI-based solutions to optimise workflows and increase productivity in management and operations. For example, it can make the chatbot even better for every conversation it answers. Moreover, by mapping frequent inquiries and using this as a basis for sending out relevant information, AI can improve services and products offered to customers.

The value of "a single point of contact"

The goal is to help customers (and employees) free up precious time and resources. Whether it concerns the operation and management itself, or in handling inquiries and information needs related to it. This is particularly relevant in cases where information is time-sensitive and accuracy is important, but also where there is a need to free up time and increase efficiency.

The need for insight may be related to:

-> Operations and management services
-> Project deliverables
-> Product updates and licenses
-> Invoice information

- An efficient and customer-driven management organisation provides security and capacity to succeed in digital transformation. Kjartan Halstvedt, CSO, Evidi

A good starting point for addressing these needs is a customer and employee portal. For certain customers, it will be more relevant to make insights and data available in their own environment and solutions. In any case, the value of an efficient and customer-oriented portal solution will be expressed through the following aspects:

-> Increased precision and quality of handling inquiries
-> Increased efficiency and freeing up time
-> Strengthened customer relationships and satisfied customers
-> Needs-focused presentation of data and insights

- We greatly appreciate working with someone who is so service-minded. Evidi shows up, even outside agreed working hours when things are really burning - which it can do from time to time." Josefine Kragerud, Product Owner, REMA 1000

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We help our customers succeed faster and better. An important premise for this is management services that free up valuable time in the IT department. We monitor in real time, take the necessary steps and help you with modern and reliable services that are safe and robust, around the clock, all year round.