Data-driven insights: Greater value creation with dedicated analytics platform

In a data-driven and open culture, insights are made available to everyone, at any time. With insights comes automation, innovation, better experiences—and better decisions. By combining insight with artificial intelligence, sensors and automation, great opportunities arise in a data-driven organization.

The goal is to eliminate unnecessary use of resources, get more satisfied employees and of course present good reports that can be further developed and scaled in a sustainable way.

Data-driven organization

The amount of data is increasing, and it is changing as new technology is introduced into the business. This means that the insight gained so far is no longer sufficient to be able to make good decisions. By combining available insights with artificial intelligence, sensors and automation, great opportunities arise for creating a data-driven organization.

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Increased efficiency

Businesses that can utilize these opportunities optimally will experience increased business value. Cost and complexity are reduced, and work processes and business applications are improved. 

Europris lays the foundation for process automation with a new analysis and integration platform

- When the IT department is out in the business, the message is that those who need data and insight should get them! And they shouldn't depend on the IT department to order a report.

Thomas Nakken, Head of Data Platform and Analysis at Europris

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