Solid cybersecurity: Safe business, safe products and safe customers

Solid cybersecurity is essential in today's technological landscape, and the need for advanced and customized protection is increasing. Secure ensures that the business is equipped to handle both current and future threats, with services that fit the company's reality. We cover all aspects of cybersecurity whether you are seeking know-how, proactive or reactive security services.

Assess, Mitigate and Protect

  • Technical assessments and penetration testing
  • Configuration & architecture review
  • Best practices hardening & migration
  • Backup & disaster recovery

Monitor, Detect and Respond

  • Surveillance & analytics
  • Detection & incident management
  • Investigation & remediation

Safety Management

  • Threats and Cyber Security Resilience
  • Risk & Vulnerability
  • Training & Awareness
  • Emergency preparedness and crisis management

Our Services

Secure delivers technology and knowledge within the entire cyber security domain.

Cyber Secure Packages

How we analyze, remediate and protect.

Cyber Secure Packages is a comprehensive technical analysis and remediation service that shows exactly where vulnerabilities are located in your IT infrastructure and how they can be remedied.

The service includes working meetings with a senior security advisor, where we go through how the vulnerabilities affect risk, compliance and comprehensive security planning.

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Evidi Managed XDR

How we monitor, detect and respond to incidents.

Managed XDR will help you identify and deal with cyberattacks.

Managed XDR combines monitoring, detection, investigation and incident management. Through visibility, analysis and compilation of alarms and automation, your cyber security is improved. 

Our security analysts, architects and operations specialists take care of the customers 24/7.

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Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office 365 offers integrated protection for data, mail, and collaboration tools.
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint The platform offers endpoint security for businesses. Prevents, detects, investigates, and responds to advanced threats.
Microsoft Defender for Identity Cloud-based security solution that helps secure identity monitoring across the business.
Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Delivers full protection for SaaS applications. Assists in monitoring and protecting your data across multiple cloud providers.

Secure Management

How we sew everything together.

Secure Management is the One Stop Shopping service for everything in security management. The service includes cyber security knowledge, frameworks, management and training across all levels of the business.

Prices are based on fixed monthly rates, regardless of how much is done when.

Security Maturity

For most businesses, the best place to start is our Security Maturity workshops. We use a holistic approach that covers Governance, People, Technology and Incident Management.

In most cases, only two workshops are needed. The result is an easy-to-read report that demonstrates security maturity based on NIST/ISO/NSM standards and best practices. You'll get one page for each of the four areas, showcasing our findings and clear, prioritized recommendations.

Cyber Security in the Board Room

One of the main tasks of a board of directors is to provide strategic management and oversight, and serve the company's stakeholders. To do this well, knowledge of cybersecurity threats and what is required of a business to build resilience is a necessity.

We cover responsibilities, scenarios and problem solutions, and go through the Cyber Security Checklist for board members. Together, we create a joint plan, where the main result is a better understanding of the scope of cyber security and increased knowledge about tasks and follow-up.

Technology that protects, without you noticing

Investing in increased security means that businesses pay for something not to happen. And if it happens, you should still be able to handle it. To realise the benefits of investment in security, it is not sufficient to simply implement a new security solution and believe that the task is complete. There will always be a need for human engagement, as it is the people, technology and processes that often contribute to increased risk. A holistic approach is needed to ensure that investments provide the desired protection and reduce vulnerabilities in the business.

Our starting point is "the fewest possible incidents, and only manageable". The technology should protect, without you noticing.

Lars Offerdal, Head of Evidi Secure

Security in uncertain times

Even the smallest vulnerability can be exploited by malicious attacks, and the increasing stream of cyber threats makes security critical in today's technological landscape. Most attacks on computer systems use known hacking methods and variants of social engineering, such as phishing emails and automated login attempts. This underlines the generally low safety standard at several Norwegian businesses.

Create a good safety culture

Security strengthens reputation, trust, and legitimacy, but can be challenging due to a lack of expertise, resources, and the right tools. Secure assists in improving security, identifying and mitigating security risks, and implementing solutions for identity and access control, encryption, backup, monitoring and notification. We also help the company to increase security awareness and create a good safety culture among employees.

Hear our senior security advisor, Silje Dahl Jacobsen, talk about the importance of focusing on security at Oda's inspirations day 2023

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