Engage – CRM that engages and contributes to growth

Ranja Ovedal

The sales manager is committed to increasing sales and retaining customers. The marketing manager is committed to building the brand, and responsible for customer service and serving customers effectively. Increasingly, it is expected that everyone is to work together to contribute to growth and satisfied customers. Customers, on the other hand, are keen to make informed choices and have come a long way in their buying process when entering dialogue with potential suppliers.

Increased efficiency and collaboration across the board

Engage - engage – awaken interest in. It's about creating and utilising the opportunities that arise. About having the insight to make the right choices and be relevant. And finally, follow up when the customer is ready or makes contact. A good CRM solution enables this and, thus, you reap more of the investments made.

The ability to engage and create good experiences are important criteria for success. This applies regardless of whether it’s with customers, employees, suppliers, residents or members. Companies that succeed are those that are able to remove friction and obstacles to efficiency and collaboration across the board. They are able to reinforce and utilise the positive forces in respective departments and be customer-oriented in what they do.

When the starting point is that you relate to different systems and tools, and do not have access to the same sources of information, this can be perceived as a demanding task for many businesses.

The foundation lies in a common CRM

A common CRM system, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, facilitates the creation of unique customer experiences at every stage. Silos are removed and departments are united by seamless handovers and information sharing. If you add relevant tools and well-defined processes across the board, you are equipped to exploit the opportunities technology provides. Control of customer activity, increased quality of data, seamless work processes and easy access to information – across the business, provide increased perceived value internally and among customers and partners.

The need for change and smarter use of technology

The need for change is best met if the business has clearly defined goals and a common expectation of what results it wants to achieve. This provides focus, coordination and transparency across the board. The change agenda should be established based on an agile approach and focus on those parts of the business processes or customer journey where the potential for profit extraction is greatest. It's usually about utilising available functionality in a smarter way. Any adjustments are made with simple configuration and setup of the solution you have invested in.

Typical areas to address include:

The strength lies in the whole

There are many needs and different ways to solve these. The success stories from Evidi are based on a rock-solid, unified and holistic value chain. This means that no matter what needs our customers may have, we will be able to deliver solutions that are coherent and utilise the opportunities that lie in technology. Together, we ensure that our customers are uniquely positioned to identify and create new opportunities.

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