Secure - Effective and tailor-made security solutions according to business needs

Ranja Ovedal

Secure – holistic – competent – flexible. It's about ensuring adequate security and protection, which suits the reality and needs of your business, and how you are able to handle the threats you face.

Security is a crucial factor in today's technological landscape, and the need to protect businesses from cyber threats is growing. Since 2019, NSM has observed a threefold increase in the number of cyber incidents that have had serious consequences for Norwegian businesses. Unfortunately, there is still a generally low level of security in the ICT systems of Norwegian companies, where technical vulnerabilities are often exploited by attackers.

Fewest possible incidents

Security is a complex and complex challenge that can be difficult to define precisely. What is clear is that the strength lies in a holistic perspective, and in the necessary competence to take care of the whole. At the same time, security should not become unnecessarily complicated. It should be handled in a simple but adequate manner that is adapted to the actual needs of the business. The goal is to reduce the number of incidents to a minimum and ensure that those that do occur are manageable.

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Investing in increased security means that businesses pay for something not to happen. And if it happens, you should still be able to handle it. To realise the benefits of investment in security, it is not sufficient to simply implement a new security solution and believe that the task is complete. There will always be a need for human engagement, as it is the people, technology and processes that often contribute to increased risk. A holistic approach is needed to ensure that investments provide the desired protection and reduce vulnerabilities in the business.

The 4 safety dimensions

It is demanding for an enterprise to keep up to date and have the capacity and resources to ensure the continuity of its security work. Many therefore connect with external partners who have the expertise and are able to monitor, detect and act quickly on incidents.

- Our starting point is "the fewest possible incidents, and only manageable". The technology should protect, without you noticing", Lars Offerdal, Head of Evidi Secure

Security can be viewed from four different dimensions regardless of who is responsible for security work: governance, people, technology and incident management.

is about strategy, management and frameworks for safeguarding safety. Here it is important that management decides what is acceptable risk for their business.

The human dimension focuses on the employees, work patterns and the establishment of a safety culture. Change management cannot be underestimated in this context. Simple and clear messages create understanding, trust, compliance and participation.

is based on a "Zero-Trust" based architecture, robust platforms and control over all data.

Incident management
is about detecting, improving and maintaining continuity in safety work. Here too, it is important to have sufficient expertise and available resources that can act on undesirable incidents - preferably before they actually occur.

The Safety Annual Wheel

These dimensions are part of a cyclical circular calendar consisting of four phases: strategy, implementation, awareness and monitoring.

The strategy work creates understanding and anchoring of safety work. This can include security workshops with management, vulnerability analyses and the establishment of management systems that provide insight. The goal is to map and establish a common structure for safety work in the business.

During the implementation phase, various tools, such as penetration tests and analysis tools, are used to identify specific vulnerabilities and ensure that they are remedied.  

Through continuous competence building and development of skills, focus and awareness of safety in the organisation is maintained.

In order to detect undesirable incidents, continuous monitoring and available resources are needed to handle any incidents that occur. This helps ensure rapid response and effective management of security threats.

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Our focus is that security solutions should always be in accordance with the company's overall strategy. Therefore, we want to get to know the business well, to understand what you do and what goals you have. Through our experience and expertise, we are able to choose the tools and approaches that will give the best effect for your particular business.