Who we are – We are technology experts, colleagues, advisors, developers, and sparring partners. We are Evidi - More than just tech people.

Specialists who care

We believe in the value of simplifying and have expertise in solving problems and creating opportunities. Curiosity drives us to constantly explore new technological possibilities. Trust is the core of our work, and we support each other as team players. Together we take responsibility for our deliveries and create success.

Meet our people

This is us


It's about more than gender, ethnicity, age, or sexual orientation. Diversity is greater than attitudes and will. We meet people with curiosity and respect. We all see the world in different ways, based on life experiences and by virtue of who we are. We promote diversity and help shape tomorrow and its solutions.

Community Promise

We contribute with expertise, technology, and network to ensure sustainable development in the industry. We believe this is best done by making active choices in the value chain and by choosing partnerships and collaborations with high ambitions. We want to challenge and be challenged - We are strongest together.


We believe in the value of simplifying, solving problems and creating value for our customers. We are exploratory, curious, and energized by familiarizing ourselves with the customer's business and challenges. We take responsibility and build trust through reliability. We practice teamwork and are specialists who care.

Problem solvers

The people at Evidi are innovative and creative problem solvers, fostering differences and driven by curiosity. No problem is too small. None too big. And there is more than one right solution. 

Here some of our people tell us what a problem solver is to them, how they face challenges and about the joy of cracking the code.


Versatility and unique skills are essential to building tomorrow's IT company. We have many vacancies and are ready to get to know you - so surprise us with who you are and what you know.

Get to know our partners

ODA x Evidi

ODA is the Nordic region's leading network for diversity in the technology industry. Together, we promote diversity to help shape tomorrow and its solutions. We are committed to safeguarding our unique differences and creating a work culture that values differences and contributes to growth, sustainability, and engagement.

Microsoft x Evidi

Evidi is a proud Microsoft partner and has been so for several years. Our tech people and advisors are all certified in their different fields. Several are also Microsoft MVPs - referred to in the Microsoft world as Most Valuable Professional in their fields. It adds value to our customers and partners.

OBF x Evidi

Oslo Business Forum (OBF) and Evidi are committed to giving business leaders the best insight to achieve their business goals. OBF arranges annual business conferences with world-leading speakers to share the latest knowledge and give leaders the best prerequisites. Evidi is a proud collaborator.

Our Story – From Merger to Success

Five Microsoft specialized consulting firms were united, and from this Evidi emerged. Together we have created a common culture of curiosity and teamwork, which has shaped our identity. Evidi is 50% owned by our employees, in partnership with Credo Partners who support us as an active owner and shareholder.

We are dedicated and have extensive experience; with dedication and professionalism we build trust and create common success with our customers.

Become a customer – If you think we sound like a team you would like to work with, you can read more about what we do, or contact our advisors for a friendly conversation about your needs.