Digital service platform: Faster restructuring and new services in the market

The future is data driven. Accelerate is a comprehensive offering that helps you design, develop, and implement a future-oriented digital service platform tailored to your business. This gives the ability to utilize technology in completely new ways, and seize the opportunities created.

Rigged for speed

In a world where speed is continuously increasing and margins on resource utilisation are tightening, it is important to have tools that enable rapid change and quick results. Which provides the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently. A modern digital service platform helps businesses meet these demands and ensures they can keep up with the competition.

Rapid digital development with service platform

A modern service platform has been developed for a time when we constantly need to integrate with new applications, and data from different systems must be made available across the business. The digital services platform breaks up silos and bridges core data and business processes. This makes the company's most important value available across the entire organisation.

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— OBOS er i en omstillingsfase, hvor vi erstatter vår gamle forretningsplattform med en rekke nye fagsystemer. Den nye digitale tjenesteplattformen sørger for at vi unngår for mange avhengigheter og direkte integrasjoner mellom de ulike fagsystemene. Dette gir oss raskere tilgang og muligheten til å gjenbruke data, og legger dermed til rette for hyppige endringer

Mareke Decker, produkteier for Digital Tjenesteplattform i OBOS.

Make use of your data

We are constantly working to standardize technologies and services that are generic to create an architecture that will meet tomorrow's demands for speed and agility. This allows us to get started faster and focus on what matters most to your business.

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“Struktur er viktig, men effektive samarbeid er først og fremst basert på kulturell match og tillit. Det fant vi hos Evidi.”

— Marius Nicolaysen
Leder system og prosjekt, YX

REMA 1000

Robust service platform and closer collaboration with Evidi has accelerated the digitalisation work in REMA 1000
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