Together for a purpose!

Being a member of an organisation often entails personal benefits, as well as a sense of belonging and shared commitment to work towards common goals. Member organisations must be able to use their resources effectively towards the organisation's purpose, while also demonstrating to both society and individual members the value it creates.

Evidi offers comprehensive expertise in consulting, change management, development, implementation and maintenance of critical IT solutions. We empower businesses to seize their opportunities through a holistic approach to people, processes and technology, and have assisted numerous member organisations in strengthening their position, enhancing member satisfaction and increasing their digitalisation efforts. With extensive experience in areas vital to member organisations, we provide complete and customised solutions based on the organisation's specific needs.

Evidi can support you with:

Know your members with a robust membership register

Staying close to your members, customers and partners is crucial. A good membership register makes it easy for you to register, update, communicate and analyse member data – which facilitates further growth.

A membership register saves you time by automating administrative tasks and reducing manual work and errors. It provides insight into members' needs, interests, satisfaction and loyalty, ensuring that member data is processed in accordance with laws and regulations. Additionally, it helps you to increase engagement with current members and to recruit new ones.

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Have control over invoices and accounting

Member organisations have many obligations, including ensuring correct and transparent invoices, following up on payments, reporting income and expenses and complying with laws and regulations for bookkeeping. An effective invoicing and accounting program serves as a valuable tool in addressing these challenges. It integrates with banking and other relevant systems, automates follow-ups, provides financial overview and enables collaboration with accountants. Evidi offers tailored solutions that simplify processes, increase precision and provide greater control.


"My Page" for increased member satisfaction

"My Page" is a personal web page where members can manage their profiles, such as paying invoices, viewing billing history, booking new services and registering for events. My Page is important because it provides members with control and overview while serving as an effective communication channel between the organisation and each member. "My Page" makes it easier to engage with members, to increase member satisfaction, and to reach out to members with relevant offers and activities. By integrating closely with the membership register, you ensure the content remains relevant and are able to discern signals from the membership.

Member service for unique customer experiences

To offer value, support and benefits to members, you need effective systems and processes to handle memberships, communication and inquiries. Member service and case management foster loyalty, engagement and satisfaction among members, as well as recruit and retain new members.

Members have diverse needs, expectations and preferences, necessitating collaboration across various channels, systems and departments. Evidi helps establishing a common system that facilitates the creation of unique customer experiences. Furthermore, we help you automating, integrating and optimising membership and case management processes, providing better insight and analysis of member data.

Courses and seminars for engagement and increased loyalty

Courses and seminars are effective means to share knowledge and engage members, partners and employees. They build competence, trust and loyalty among members, create valuable relationships, contribute to increased visibility and reputation, and can contribute to increased impact for their purposes. 

Planning and conducting courses and seminars requires time, resources and expertise. You must effectively reach out to relevant target groups, handle administrative and logistical tasks and generally ensure successful implementation. By utilizing technology effectively, you can reduce resource usage, reach a broader audience, and ensure a positive participant experience. 

Decision support and reporting

Data is crucial creating value in modern organisations and can be used to automate processes, innovate solutions, and improve user experiences. But data alone is not enough. To unlock the full potential of data, you also need relevant insights and artificial intelligence. 

To make data-driven decisions, you need a robust and flexible data platform and an efficient and user-friendly reporting solution. This requires high competence in data quality, data management, data analysis and data visualisation, as well as a culture that promotes data literacy, curiosity and experimentation. Evidi helps you build a data platform and reporting solution, providing the insights necessary to make informed decisions for your organisation. 

Member communication – What matters to members?

Targeted member communication fosters commitment, loyalty and trust among members. Member communication is about informing, involving and inspiring members to participate in the organisation's activities, goals and values. It's also a way to get feedback, input, and ideas from members, so that the organisation can improve and adapt to needs and wants. 

Understanding what members care about is important. Great member communication reduces drop-outs, increases recruitment, strengthens reputation, promotes collaboration and creates added value for members. This produces positive effects such as increased satisfaction, motivation, identification and influence. In summary, good member communication is key to achieving the organisation's vision and mission. Evidi helps you reach out to your members with targeted and relevant communication throughout the membership journey. 

Increased influence through recruitment and marketing

Recruitment and marketing are essential for the growth and influence of member organisations. More members mean greater representation, value, support and impact, while increased revenues give the organisation the opportunity to improve services, activities and projects. More influence gives the organisation the power to change decisions, collaborations and opinions in favor of its members. 

Engaging members and executing campaigns can be challenging. Evidi provides insight into members and markets, helping create effective strategies and measuring recruitment and marketing results. 

Create a culture of Security

Member organisations must protect sensitive information about their members, activities and interests from unauthorized access, misuse and loss. It is both a legal requirement and an ethical responsibility towards its members and society. Security strengthens reputation, trust and legitimacy, but can be challenging due to lack of expertise and resources. Evidi assists in improving security, identifying and mitigating security risks, implementing solutions for identity and access control, encryption, backup, monitoring and alerting. We also help the organisation increase safety awareness and create a good safety culture among employees and volunteers.
Secure – Efficient and tailored security solutions to your business needs

Change management

Member organisations must be agile to adapt to changes in the market, technology, legislation and economy. They must be agile and willing to change and be able to turn quickly to seize opportunities. Membership based businesses must identify, plan and implement changes systematically and effectively, and take care of the people affected. 

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Change management can face resistance and the right resources and tools are required to execute the changes in a good way. Evidi has extensive experience in change management and supports the business through insight, communication, strategy and improvement of the change process. We also provide solutions and tools to support the changes. 

Strategic advice for efficiency improvements and reputation strengthening

As a member organisation, you face many challenges and must navigate an ever-changing landscape with new competitors, disruptive business models and evolving regulatory frameworks. To address these challenges, you need to leverage the opportunities offered by digitalisation and technology. This entails creating value for members, optimising operations and enhancing your organisation’s reputation. 

Achieving success in digitalisation requires strategic planning, clearly defined objectives, prioritisation of actions and fostering a culture conductive to change. It also involves bridging the gap between the present and desired state while focusing on initiatives that yield the greatest value. Evidi assists you in crafting strategies, choosing appropriate technological solutions, assessing outcomes and offering guidance for ongoing advancement. 

Service platform for increased efficiency and quality

Member companies face many challenges in the digital landscape and must adapt to their memebers needs, while managing competition, ensuring sustainability, safety and compliance. A digital service platform supports data-driven development, secure data access, simplifies integration and increases efficiency and quality. 

Evidi stands out as a leading provider of digital service platforms rooted in Microsoft technology. Notably, we have played a pivotal role in aiding organisations like OBOS and Fagforbundet in constructing and leveraging digital service platforms to enhance their market positioning and competitiveness. 

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