Fagforbundet follows up members more easily with the new union representative portal

Morten Krosby-Sæther

Fagforbundet has 400,000 registered members. Most work in the public sector, primarily at municipal level, but they also have members in private businesses. Fagforbundets main task is to ensure its members a decent work life with good and safe wages and working conditions.

Today, Fagforbundet have close to 5,000 union representatives, consisting of a central management and administration of 400 employees, 15 county districts and 400 local unions. In addition, they have 14,000 club representatives who are located at the workplaces, and it is these individuals who are the target audience for the solution Evidi is developing.

The mission is to provide employee representatives with a tool that ensures the availability of key information on platforms they have access to. The tool must allow them to raise issues and tasks from the daily work environment to the members and inform the appropriate authority when it is necessary to escalate further.

Fagforbundet empower themselves with the KL*AR portal

Fagforbundet and Evidi are jointly developing the KLAR portal based on Power Pages and Dataverse. KL*AR stands for Klubbstyrets Arbeidsrom (Club Board Workspace) and is built on an architecture that includes a complex data model, built in Dataverse. The portal holds member data and case management, as well as a complete organisational structure with roles and relationships between organisation and members.

The daily tasks of a union representative involve representing the members in the various businesses. They must handle personal data and, to some extent, particularly sensitive information. They need access to information that enables them to provide members with a qualitative service and the ability to register cases and work with a case proceeding over time. At the same time, they do not require a complete professional system with all the associated costs and training. Users need an intuitive tool based on their relatively low digital competence that provides correct and adapted information and opportunities.

Admitting 14,000 users into Dynamics is neither necessary nor desirable. Therefore, the choice fell naturally on Power Platform and Power Pages, which can elevate the subject system into an accessible yet secure interface. Here, the union representatives can issue new cases, follow up ongoing cases and handle work correlated to the organizations, businesses and individuals with updated information from the membership system and business registers. 

One of the challenges is that club representatives are rarely co-located with the rest of Fagforbundets representatives. This means that they must have a high degree of automation in their work and have control and overview of all cases they are involved in regarding their employer, or when seeking advice and guidance from Fagforbundet.

Tim Sørensen, Product Owner in the KL*AR project

How is the KL*AR portal built?

Together with Fagforbundet, Evidi has developed a Power Pages portal that gives the union representatives access to updated member data and the opportunity to work on members' cases.

  • A data platform for member data and organization has been implemented as the foundation. This provides union representatives access to relevant member data by controlling which data they have access to in the context of affiliation and role in the organization.
  • Further, a data structure that holds relevant case data with associated documents, notes and tasks, has been implemented.
  • On top of this, a Power Pages portal has been implemented. The users can access this portal through Norwegian Bank ID authentication, with automatic onboarding based on affiliation and roles stored in the member platform.

Through specialised queries, Evidi retrieves and presents relevant information in a simple and accessible web interface. This enables us to combine complex information delivery while adhering to privacy and security standards. The KL*AR team at Fagforbundet works agile and consists of both their own product owner and consultants from Evidi. One of the strengths of working this way is that Fagforbundet is involved in the portal’s design process from start to finish, and that it is dynamically developed. The collaborative approach gives both technical and business resources the opportunity to adapt and adjust the product development, enabling the team to deliver agile solutions.

Ready – Set – Go!

KL*AR’s great value is that you provide a user base with relatively low digital competence and limited resources in terms of time, a simple yet high quality tool that provides member and process support. In the fall of 2023, the team will deliver its MVP and the portal will be rolled out to the union representatives throughout the spring of 2024. Going forward, the focus will be on automation processes and implementation of knowledge sources, as well as integration with other parts of Fagforbundet such as trade unions, legal, etc.