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Total control over business processes with reliable logging, storage, and insights.

About Archeo

Archeo is a cloud-based logging tool that gives the user insight and overview of all business processes. It offers logging of data and message transactions, as well as simple and efficient search functions. With free text search and a wide range of filters, you can quickly find the information you need.

No local installations or prerequisites are required to use Archeo. All interaction with Archeo takes place through a REST-based API. Via a user-friendly cloud portal, you get easy access to all logged information, as well as the ability to search for business processes and get detailed statistics.

Technical documentation

User-friendly, secure, and efficient

Archeo is a user-friendly platform that logs and stores company data in a secure and efficient manner, giving the business the necessary control, overview, and insight into its own processes. Regardless of the organization's needs, the customer can customize the storage time and number of users themselves and will be notified when the subscription limit is about to be reached, so they always have flexible options tailored to their specific requirements.

Complete control

A wide range of functions provides full control, and with end-to-end visibility, everyone in the organization can follow up and monitor the processes. Search and filtering make it easy to identify errors and missing transactions, while alerts provide powerful tools to detect error situations and keep you informed about activity. Free text search and personal dashboards provide the ability to find and visualize relevant information.


Archeo can be used from any integration or message flow that can contact a REST API. When using Connxio, Archeo is offered as an integrated logging solution, where logging is set up with just a few clicks in the portal. This way, everyone gets messages that go through full tracking and overview. Several of our customers see a great advantage in using Archeo and Connxio together.

Logs and stores company data user-friendly, secure, and efficient
Can be used regardless of IT competence
Adapts to your organization's needs using subscriptions
Insight, overview, and efficient search functions for business processes

With Archeo you get:

  • End-to-end visibility
  • Search and identify transactions
  • Notification
  • Free text search
  • Dashboard
  • Access to original message
  • User-adapted access
Med Archeo kan vi enklere få oversikt over hvilke integrasjoner som kjører, og får samlet logger på et sted.

Ronny Lindås, IT-direktør, GK

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