Project management and work orders in one seamless management system

Effective tool for managing tasks

About Workflex

Workflex is an innovative digital platform developed to simplify the administration and management of tasks and service requests in companies. This tool serves as a central place for employees to create, assign, track, and complete various work orders, and it facilitates an efficient and streamlined workflow.  

Through the system, users can create work orders by entering important details such as task type, description, priority, and time frame for execution. Work orders can vary and include tasks related to maintenance, repair, installation, or other required types of tasks. Users have the option to enter the information manually or import it from various systems, such as customer support or inventory management, ensuring smooth and efficient processing of work orders.  

A centralized database

Workflex acts as a centralized database where all work orders are stored. This makes it easy to track and manage all ongoing and completed tasks. Reports and analytics can be created to gain insight into the performance, resource usage, and workflow of your organization. Some of the benefits of a work order system include efficient assignment and management of tasks, reduction of manual errors and paperwork, better traceability, and documentation, as well as increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Efficient workflow and increased productivity

Workflex plays an important role in streamlining workflow, improving productivity, and ensuring accurate follow-up of work tasks and service requests. By implementing such a system, organizations can gain better control over the work order process, reduce delays and errors, and increase customer satisfaction and productivity.

Cloud solution developed with grid companies for grid companies
Safeguards the process from customer contact to project closure
Microsoft technology integrated into the Office 365 ecosystem
Online and offline available on any device

With Workflex you get:

  • Resource allocation
  • Processes for handling inquiries via portal
  • Engineering
  • Handling of Declaration of Conformity, secure job analysis and project-specific forms
  • Automated alerts and reminders
  • Mobile applications available on Apple Store and Google Play
  • Performance Analysis
  • Customer communication
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Materials Management
  • History and documentation
  • Use rights and security
  • Scale and flexibility

Customer experience

To prepare for future challenges and ensure continuous growth, Glitre Nett implemented a number of measures to improve its operations and network management. One of the key measures was to find a new working platform that could support their future needs and ensure efficiency in their network management processes. With the implementation of Workflex as a new work platform, Glitre Nett will primarily streamline processes such as requests, case management, engineering, and planning.  

Glitre Nett has recently completed its acquisition of a new case management solution for customer connections in the distribution and regional grid, where Evidi delivered the best offer based on the award criteria Price and Quality with associated weighting. Glitre Nett takes a very positive view of Evidi's solution in its system portfolio to facilitate increased efficiency and reduced costs for the company in the future.

Torhild Pettersen Fjermedal, Head of Grid Development, Glitre Nett

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