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Agile software development with best practices

About Powermove

Powermove is the ultimate SaaS application for managing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for Power Platform. The tool is designed to speed up the development process, improve safety and ensure high quality. With an easy-to-use web application that provides a seamless experience, Powermove gives developers, testers, business analysts and product managers everything they need to achieve success.  

Using their Microsoft accounts, users can easily access the Powermove platform. This web application is connected to users' environments and configures all the necessary automation and source code integration. 

Technical documentation

Automation and standardization

By implementing development, infrastructure, and automation best practices, Powermove helps increase the efficiency of development teams by minimizing the need for manual work. Process automation and standardization, combined with code security scanning and development, ensure solutions are robust and reduce the risk of human error.

Powermove also offers automatic documentation, version control and links between development and requirements. This provides a holistic overview and outstanding traceability. By reducing dependence on individuals, the tool ensures that knowledge and insight are preserved even in the event of changes in the team.


Powermove provides you with a holistic ALM solution for Power Platform. Whether you're an experienced developer or beginner, the tool will improve your ability to develop, test and deploy powerful solutions efficiently and securely. With Powermove, you can experience the future of ALM and take your Power Platform development to new levels.

Simple and intuitive interface for fast results
Automation that simplifies and accelerates the development process
High quality and security, with reduced risk of bugs and vulnerabilities
Enterprise-grade functionality for complex needs and scalability

With Powermove you get:

  • Best practice guidance, supporting the development team with optimized workflows
  • Creation of new environments
  • Starting new development
  • Build the next version of the solution
  • Perform comprehensive code analysis
  • Generate automatic documentation of all completed development
  • Get automated test scenarios for user stories and development
  • Roll out the next version of the solution
  • Monitor development and testing requirements
  • Follow the progression of development
Using this product has truly transformed the way we work. It has significantly increased our speed, security, and quality. We can now deliver solutions faster than ever, while maintaining full control over our development. The product has been instrumental in enabling us to quickly scale development to more development teams.

Susanne Bjerke-Borgen, Hired Solutions Architect for OBOS

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