Evidi is rewarded Breakthrough Partner of the Year by Resco!

Caroline Skuland

Once a year, Resco awards their Partners of the Year. Evidi is tremendously proud and humble for being rewarded as Breakthrough Partner of the Year 2023 by Resco.

Resco is a software company specialising in mobile application development for the enterprise market and is an ideal partner for those working in industries requiring field services, inspections and mobile customer engagement. On their website Resco explains the criteria for being named partner of the year as follows: "Partner of the Year Award recognizes top-performing Resco partners, considering the number and size of successfully implemented Resco projects, with high emphasis placed on customer satisfaction.»

Significant collaboration

With Evidi´s product Workflex the partnership with Resco has blossomed. Workflex works specifically towards the grid industry, a regulated industry with a focus on quality and safety. The partnership with Resco is important for us. Their tools make us confident in delivering products to the customer which supports compliance with industry standards and regulations. Furthermore, the partnership enables us to become experts in their platform through guidance, enabling us to offer innovative and tailored, high-quality solutions to our customers.

Toan Fjeldaas, Chief Product Officer at Evidi, explains that part of the reason why Resco partners with Evidi is due to our large footprint in the Nordic market. Furthermore, we have a dedicated product department, which proves our commitment to partnership. A strategic partnership will also give us the opportunity to influence the direction of product development. Fjeldaas states that we have demonstrated solid growth and have a clear and distinct strategy. Winning the award is an evidence that we are dedicated in our efforts.

It is an honor to cooperate with the Evidi team. I am also grateful for the expertise they have shared with the Resco community at Resco.NEXT, inspiring others on their journey to provide mobility for Frontline workers.

Ivana Gabajova, Head of Business Development, Nordics at Resco

Focus on product development

On the 24th and 25th of October, Fjeldaas participated as a speaker at the resco.NEXT 2023 event in Marbella. Fjeldaas talked about where we see potential for the new Resco solutions for Power Platform, and how our product department plans to leverage the solutions for relevant scenarios and applications.

Product development is an essential part of Evidi. Through our products, we are constantly exploring how we can work smarter and more sustainably in the future. We have a team of 45 experts dedicated to product development and understanding the industry. This shortens the journey from customer feedback to adjusting and enhancing the solution. Fjeldaas rationalize our product focus by explaining that we aim to standardize and, most importantly, transfer best practices from experience to the system. This provides significant value to our customers.

Customers get best practice as a starting point. They get the best technology on mobility and field service in the market. This allows us to cut down on implementation time and focus on other value-creating activities for our customers.

Toan Fjeldaas, Chief Product Officer at Evidi

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