Glitre Nett prepares for the green transition with Workflex

Caroline Skuland

Press a switch and the room will light up. Press another switch and the home will be nice and warm. Almost everything we use today requires electricity, from everyday tasks that few people think about, to critical operations in the health service. Getting power into the house safely and predictably, requires a developed and well-managed grid infrastructure. This is something that is handled by Glitre Nett.  Glitre Nett is Norway's second largest grid company and is a result of the merger between Agder Energi Nett and Glitre Energi Nett. With over 350 employees, they ensure that more than 320,000 grid customers get their power delivered every day. Glitre Nett is a 100% owned subsidiary of the Å Energi group. They have a key role in facilitating the electrification in society and contributing to the green transition.

In addition to ensuring a secure power supply, it is important that the company, like all other companies, creates added value for its owners, ensures that grid tariffs are as low as possible for its customers and, not least, adapts to a future with constantly new requirements from the authorities, customers, or municipal mergers.

Looking forward to the collaboration

To prepare for the future and be able to continuously develop and solve tomorrow's challenges, Glitre Nett implemented some initiatives. Among the initiatives was to find a new working platform to support future network management processes. After an extensive tender process, the choice fell on Workflex, an industry solution for grid companies developed by Evidi.

- Glitre Nett has recently completed its acquisition of a new case management solution for customer connections in the distribution and regional grid, where Evidi delivered the best offer based on criterias Price and Quality with associated weighting. Glitre Nett takes a very positive view of Evidi's solution in its system portfolio to facilitate increased efficiency and reduced costs for the company in the future.

Torhild Pettersen Fjermedal, head of grid development, Glitre Nett

With Workflex, Glitre Nett will primarily streamline processes such as requests, case management, engineering, and planning. This will help the industry move in the same direction, and not least contribute to the efficient development of the industry solution.

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- Glitre Nett is an important player in the industry and will have great significance for the development of the market in the years ahead, and what the grid companies of the future will look like. With our good understanding for the industry, and with a development approach that is involving and driven forward jointly by several similar grid companies, we want to help ensure that Glitre Nett is equipped to meet new and tough requirements, and to seize the opportunities created. It is important for us to work closely and involved, and we look forward to the collaboration. We're going "all in"!

Toan Fjeldaas, Chief Product Officer, Evidi

Some of the reason they must put a system in place, is control. There are tough demands from the NVE that the grid companies should be operated profitably. Glitre Nett has a total of more than 30,000 km of power grid, more than 12,000 substations, and 133 transformer and switching stations in Agder and Buskerud. The macro effects result in more construction projects than expected, to be initiated. This, with requirements for profitable operations, means that they must get a solution that is not only functional, but also able to grow in line with the company's maturation and needs.

- Glitre Nett has just merged and is in a restructuring phase. Great demands are placed on the grid companies, and the company wants to make necessary and good adjustments to facilitate the green transition. Then the need for flexibility, scaling, robustness, and maturation will be important. We look forward to the collaboration with Evidi and are looking forward to an exciting time together going forward!

Torhild Pettersen Fjermedal, head of grid development, Glitre Nett