Control, profitability, and safety with Workflex

Caroline Skuland

DSOs' most efficient solution

Many public authorities have long processing times, and the energy industry is no exception. The main task of a grid company is to ensure a supply of electricity for the inhabitants within its region. In a digital society where citizens expect more and more in terms of service and speed, streamlining has become even more important. Common to the grid companies is that they want to reduce their processing time, without compromising quality.

To help utilities optimize their operations, Evidi developed Workflex in 2018. With its many applications, Workflex can be used as a tool for project management of both smaller and larger projects. This includes everything from setting up solar panels and connecting electric car chargers, to fallen utility poles and major construction projects. The market has welcomed the solution. This is verified by good feedback and close dialogue with customers via customer forums. With major customers such as Fagne, Elmea, Linea, Glitre Nett and Norgesnett, Workflex is no lightweight within its category.

Workflex is a process-driven solution that helps both the project manager and the other project participants from A to Z. The solution handles everything from inquiries, project planning and implementation, to control and analysis and reporting for grid companies. Like the rest of Evidi's products, Workflex is built on Microsoft technology. The fact that many customers already use Microsoft makes it part of the progression they use. Workflex is operated in the cloud, so the customer does not need to have anything installed on their own. The solution connects to various professional systems, and has, among other things, its own fitter app. It also collects data in relation to hours, materials, and checklists, which ultimately forms a basis for further billing.

Grid companies consist of a critical infrastructure for society, where they rely on a system that is not only robust, but which is also agile when it comes to being able to adapt to the continuously new regulatory requirements to come. To collect these features under one solution are not only sustainable for the business – it's also cost-effective and secure.

Toan Fjeldaas, Chief Product Officer, Evidi

Full control and shorter processing time

According to Fjeldaas, Workflex can in many ways be seen as a case management system. He explains that the solution helps the grid company to receive the inquiry, assess the case, and then see whether this is a matter that should be spent time on and invested in or not. This provides full control over all incoming inquiries. Furthermore, the solution helps the grid companies with control, documentation, and routines, and to comply with stipulated regulatory requirements. Fjeldaas also highlights Resco as an integral part of Workflex. With their tools, Workflex can ensure the delivery of products to the customer that support compliance with industry standards and regulations.

At a time when resources are valuable, the need for optimised operations is greater than ever. Those who operate the grid companies know that the development of the infrastructure is a costly and extensive process. These include the involvement of engineers, project planners and excavation contractors. This makes resource planning important. The grid company is also obliged to manage the infrastructure, for example in the event of damage caused by bad weather. This entire process is managed by Workflex.

In the past, it has been the case that grid companies have had to rely on several manual routines. Workflex is a seamless solution that contains many components and covers the entire value chain. It has an interface for external users - i.e., the contractor or customer - and an interface for case managers. The solution also has an interface for the various departments. This includes everything from architects to those managed to build. This ensures that all departments in a grid company talk to each other and see the same information elements throughout the value chain. This leads to increased efficiency, where the grid company can respond to customers and contractors faster.

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Stronger together

Workflex is built in collaboration with customers. The customers thus know what is coming and how they can help to influence. This leads to customer-driven product development rather than a theoretical approach.

Fjeldaas says that developing a solution together is more sustainable than everyone having to sit and develop their own solution. Thus, everyone can contribute to developing the solution at a tenth of the investment than if they were to do this on their own. Furthermore, he says that the grid companies in Norway operate in a highly regulated market, where everyone benefits from making each other better. By having more people use the same solution and follow the same processes, this will further lead to them following the same guidelines – which benefits the industry.

Glitre Nett, one of Workflex's customers, started using the solution in March 2023 and hasn't looked back.

Glitre Nett has just merged and is in a restructuring phase. Great demands are placed on the grid companies, and we want to make necessary and good adjustments to facilitate the green transformation. Meeting the needs for flexibility, scale, resilience, and maturation will be important. We look forward to working with Evidi, and together we will have an exciting time together! 

Torhild Pettersen Fjermedal, Head of Grid Development, Glitre Nett

In a world view characterized by instability and uncertainty, Workflex will help create predictability and control for the business. The solution is suitable for all grid companies that want to reduce their processing time, with the assurance that regulations and regulatory requirements are followed. Investing in Workflex is a safe,cost-effective, and sustainable investment for your business.

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