Modern, cloud-based ERP: Continuous improvement of core business processes

It is about optimizing and streamlining processes for production, warehousing, and logistics. About an ERP system that makes it possible to handle changes in needs and demand quickly, and the expertise to best utilize the technology.

Optimal resource utilization

Large amounts of resources are lost in inefficient processes and systems. As a result, it can be very challenging to maintain competitiveness and increase the profitability of a business.

Globalisation and technological development are creating even greater competition. Therefore, it is crucial to have efficient processes for the flow of goods and logistics, and good utilization of own resources. To adapt quickly and avoid clutter in production and warehouses, it is necessary to have a modern ERP system that can support these processes.

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By implementing an effective ERP system, businesses will experience gains in several areas. Through improved order and logistics, increased profitability, and more correct use of resources. One of the biggest gains will be increased efficiency and drastic reduction of time spent on manual tasks. This can include anything from managing shortage situations and replenishment of goods, to being able to handle changes in demand quickly and easily.

Increased efficiency
Optimized use of resources
Improved logistics
Fast handling of changes

Microsoft Business Central Partner of the Year Norway

- Evidi wins with an impressive growth, clearly stronger than its competitors. The growth is also on a large customer base. They work closely with Microsoft and involve us in cases as well as customer events. Evidi focuses on showcasing good customer stories and contributes to demonstrating the value of D365 Business Central in the market.

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