Increased efficiency with a new ERP system

Ranja Ovedal

Lid Jarnindustri sells tractor-mounted implements to farmers and contractors throughout Norway. The company also has a small but growing export to Central Europe and the US. It is therefore important to have a good data system that gives farmers and retailers an overview of all the details of the products.

- We have some contact with TKS at Kverneland, which is one of the leading manufacturers of feeding equipment for cattle, sheep, and goats in Europe. They tipped us off to use a new ERP system, delivered by Evidi, which they were very pleased with, says production manager Sigve Lid, who has worked 13 years in Lid Jarnindustri.

More than 190,000 companies worldwide use Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP.

ERP system specialists

With a new business system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivered by Evidi, new doors opened up for Lid Jarnindustri, which is located in Norheimsund.

Evidi specializes in the business system Microsoft Dynamics ERP within the construction industry, industrial companies and the supplier industry within oil and gas. Evidi is a Microsoft Gold Partner, which means that they work closely with Microsoft.

- The old system we had was outdated and needed upgrading. Now we get more data from the system so that dealers can more easily find documents and see tracking on sales orders themselves. They can also see updated prices, find spare parts and make new orders themselves. The dealers are less dependent on us, and we have more time to work on other things. The working day has become more efficient, says Lid.

Lid Jarnindustri currently uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which manages accounting, projects, production, finance, logistics and warehousing, and operations. Evidi also assisted with communication towards the website.

- We are more than 60 employees in Lid Jarnindustri, and it can be challenging to change systems. We received very good follow-up all the way, and the new system makes our working day much easier. Our system today is much more user-friendly and easier to navigate, he says with satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 system is available in several languages and has multiple currencies to choose from. The ERP system gives medium and small businesses around the world a better computer system.

Dynamics 365 ERP suits most Norwegian companies, from trading companies, project-oriented companies to advanced manufacturing companies. Using Microsoft's latest technology for developing additional functionality, you can customize your system without sacrificing future upgrades.