Project management tools with integration

Professional project management tool that integrates all IT tools and provides full control over operations

About Project

A successful project always starts with thorough project planning. Project is a professional project management tool designed specifically for businesses selling hours and projects. It provides a comprehensive solution where all IT tools are integrated to ensure full control over operations.

Many of the customers who use Project are small and medium-sized companies that are in a growth phase and have ambitions for further expansion. With this industry solution, they can handle project execution with a focus on time, finance, and resource allocation. The result is that they achieve complete control over their projects and can manage their growth in a structured and efficient way.

Meeting needs

By taking advantage of the integration with the business system platform Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you get a solid and reliable infrastructure for managing projects efficiently. In addition, Project offers a number of special features specifically designed to meet the needs of project-oriented businesses to achieve the best possible results.

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Effective project management

The solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, which unifies CRM and ERP into applications that work across sales, customer service, field service, operations, finance, marketing, and project management. The solution provides a solid foundation for efficient project management and integration with Office 365. This ensures that your business can benefit from a comprehensive and seamless solution to manage projects efficiently and holistically.

Increased profitability
Effective project management
Improved basis for decision-making
Increased scalability and flexibility

With Project, you get:

  • Multiple project levels with hierarchical structure
  • Graphical Resource Planner for easy and optimal resource allocation
  • Dynamic project price lists for flexible pricing
  • Project templates for quickly creating new projects
  • Extended project budget for better financial control
  • Flexible invoicing with custom invoice setup
  • Mobile solution for time registration via different devices
  • Extended project logistics for sales and delivery
Our entire company is based on projects. It is of great importance to us that we have a powerful and fully integrated project management in the solution. Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Project gives us a better and more efficient management and control of the projects.  

Kristin Frantzen, Business Controller AGR Subsea/Enhanced Drilling AS

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