The GOT Group chose Evidi og Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Ranja Ovedal


The Global Ocean Technology (GOT) Group is a technology and knowledge-based group that delivers unique ocean expertise. The company chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central because the system has effective mechanisms for managing and reporting multiple companies, all in one solution.

- We have no doubt that the solution has been the right choice for us, says project manager Tor Inge Rislaa.

The young group Global Ocean Technology chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, partly because it had effective mechanisms for managing and reporting multiple companies in one solution. The project was led by solution architect Tor Inge Rislaa from Global Ocean Technology AS.

We consist of nine different companies that had different systems and different degrees of digital maturity. Therefore, the corporate management chose to establish a common operational platform and gather the entire group as quickly as possible in a common business system, says Rislaa.

The Group was established in 2018 by an experienced entrepreneur and a couple of heavy investors. The idea was to gather a selection of companies with complementary expertise, which could emerge as a total supplier of products and services in the maritime sector.

During their first year, several acquisitions and start-ups were carried out, to a level where the group is today, with 9 legal entities and approximately 270 employees. Rislaa, who has extensive experience with IT processes and implementation of large systems, was brought in in 2019 to establish the enterprise architecture across the group.



More companies

It is interesting enough to do this for a single company, but it becomes significantly more exciting to do this exercise for several companies at once. Effective mechanisms for managing and reporting several companies in one solution, as well as good functionality related to project management and resource follow-up, were weighty factors in the process leading up to the choice of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft partner Evidi was chosen as supplier partly on the basis of high competence and the proprietary expansion Evidi Industry Solution. Specially designed for project, manufacturing, and project-oriented industries, this extension is added on top of Dynamics 365 Business Central.