Optimising sales transparency - Sealing Systems' journey to effective management insight

Rasmus Helstrup Pedersen

About Sealing System

Sealing System is a project-oriented company that delivers packaging machines, complete packaging lines and innovative system solutions for internal transport and packaging processes, where robotics is a central part. 

They are a combined trading and manufacturing company, and have agencies for robots and many other machines within packaging lines, which are commonly used in the food industry.

Evidi has long-standing relationships with Sealing System around process optimization via Microsoft D365 FO and CRM.

Sealing System has used Microsoft CRM for a number of years to ensure qualified customer follow-up and to ensure a data basis for optimal customer service. The data basis is therefore relatively extensive.

In collaboration with the sales team at Sealing System, Evidi has developed a new data platform in Microsoft Fabric, which includes everything from data collection and transformation to reports in Power BI.

The platform, which is tightly integrated with Microsoft CRM, optimises and supports the entire sales process of Sealing System and enables a more proactive customer service and dialogue.

In addition to detailed analyses of historical sales, new enhanced insights are gained through a comprehensive and detailed overview of open and closed opportunities, pipeline management, customer segmentation, and expected future revenue and order intake.

The data platform also supports Sealing Systems' sales and operations planning process, making it possible to optimise resource planning for future projects.

Through Power BI, the individual salespeople have gained easy access to relevant data both through visualizations in dashboards as well as more detailed reports and analyses.

Anders Bundgaard Diernæs, International Sales Manager at Sealing System, says:

The collaboration with Evidi has been super interesting and good throughout the process. We have a large data base that goes back many years, and it has been beneficial to work with these figures at a larger level. Evidi has been good at creating a visual overview that we can use in our sales organisation for analyses and reports.

At Evidi, Data Engineer Rasmus Helstrup Pedersen has been on the task, and says the following about the collaboration:

The collaboration with Sealing System has been very good. It hasn't been far from thought to action in the day-to-day dialogue – which has been well supported by Microsoft Fabric, which allows you to test things very quickly with their Low-Code/No-Code approach to data management. Today, data is updated every half hour, and it's super cool to see that it both makes a difference to their business and simplifies Sealing Systems' work processes.

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