Tomorrow's customers

How are the best experiences created?

A seamless customer journey is about removing friction and creating good experiences, in line with the customer's expectations. In all dialogue and on all surfaces.

In our digital age, unique customer experiences are crucial to the competitiveness of businesses. Customers prioritize seamless, personal, and meaningful experiences throughout the customer journey, where experiences and trust are emphasized over price and quality.

Transform the customer journey, meet expectations

In the rapidly changing technological landscape, businesses have a unique chance to transform the customer journey and satisfy expectations more efficiently and tailored to them. At the same time, cloud platforms are creating opportunities on a whole new scale, with more data available than ever. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and customer relationship management (CRM) are leveraging these to revolutionize customer dialogue and create new journeys that deliver experiences of the quality that future customers demand.

Expecting personalized experiences

Through AI technologies, large amounts of customer data are collected and analyzed. In this way, businesses can gain insight into individual preferences, needs and behavior. The insights make it possible to offer tailored products, services, recommendations and offers for a personalized experience. AI provides new insight, while CRM provides a holistic customer picture and history. Focusing on every stage of the customer experience, from marketing to after-sales, is crucial. This creates personal experiences that strengthen customer relationships and increase loyalty.
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Flawless and seamless

Customers expect seamless experiences across devices, channels, and platforms. The answer is frictionless and smooth transitions between touch points. CRM systems play a critical role, keeping track of interactions across different channels and ensuring that information and history are accessible to everyone involved.

Using AI technologies, businesses can implement chatbots, virtual assistants and automated self-service technologies. Thus, immediate answers and assistance to customers, as well as problem solving without hindrance becomes possible. Seamless customer journeys increase satisfaction and customer loyalty. This requires modern architecture that ensures interaction between IT systems and availability of necessary data. We call it Business Driven Architecture.

Success through insight

What will customers buy tomorrow? With AI and CRM, predictive analytics can predict customer needs and wants. Through machine learning and historical data, relevant recommendations and offers are provided at the right time in the customer journey. This creates understanding and simplifies decision-making processes. The right architecture and modern data platform are the foundation, while the right use of data is the key to success. This creates good analytical solutions for automation and future insights.
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In meeting tomorrow's customers, the combination of AI and CRM becomes a crucial tool. By understanding customer preferences, needs and behaviors, businesses can offer tailored solutions, seamless transitions, and predictive analytics throughout the customer journey. This meets expectations, creates value, and drives success.

OBOS is a company that takes this seriously, and values a holistic IT platform, CRM, and technology for good customer experiences.

Through our collaboration with OBOS, we have managed to reduce the time employees spend manually updating digital solutions, and we have reduced the number of digital components that need to be maintained.

Ida Madeleine Aasvistad, Head of Engage at Evidi.

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