Easy logging of API’s and integrations

Kjartan Halstvedt

An increasing amount of workloads are placed in clouds, and IT-infrastructures keeps getting bigger and more complex. Integration expertise is an area Gartner Group predicts huge demand for:

Through 2020, integration work will account for 50% of the time and cost of building a digital platform, says Massimo Pezzini, research vice president and Gartner fellow. - Moreover, the complex challenges posed by digital business transformation require a radical change in the integration technology platform and in the way organizations deal with integration.

With an increasing amount of systems interacting, the number of integrations are on the rise. To ensure control and reduce time searching for errors it is vital that all parts of the integrations are logged and archived.

Detailed overview of all messages and transactions

The number of systems interacting is quickly rising. End to end insight is therefore vital to reduce the number of tedious manual processes.

Archeo opens for logging of all messages in your applications; clouds, microservices, internet of things, and other end point devices. All data and insight are presented in a user friendly web interface.

This ensures detailed overview of all messages and all integrations. Such control will prove vital to development projects, to remove time spent on troubleshooting and finding “the needle in the haystack", says Pål Harseth, who is one of the developers of Archeo.

The log can go back in time as far as desired, and function both as an archive and to provide answers if one suspect that data have been manipulated.

In 2006 Message Tracking Monitor (MTM) was developed. This is a on premise solution to give customers control over their messages and integrations. Archeo is the SAAS evolution built on modern technology.

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Increased efficiency

It’s not uncommon that Archeo are compared to solutions for log management (LM), but there is a significant distinction. Where LM-solutions deals with large volumes of computer-generated log messages, Archeo logs flows in processes and allows users to decide what to log and how. This can range from metadata such as status and message type, to content types like xml-files. Archeo can therefore be used to answer if a flow have been executed successfully, or quickly locate where problems have occurred.

In a fast growing and rapid changing environment Archeo gives users overview over all the business flows and offers easy and effective search capabilities. This includes free text search in all content, and a broad selection of filters, says Harseth.

In integration development project there is a need to easily get overview of the whole process and create insight in real-time. All information provided to Archeo is done by a REST API. A cloud based portal is available for following up and searching for your business flows, getting your statistics and setting up your logging.

Our features ensure that you may let your users only access what they need to see by setting role based and user group rights. This includes the possibility to restrict the user to open the file content of a message in your business flow, says Harseth.

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