Curida freed up time for their own core business

Ranja Ovedal


A good use of resources is important for any business and can have a major impact on the bottom line. Nevertheless, many companies spend enormous resources on activities that do not involve their core business. This was something the pharmaceutical company Curida wanted to change.

- We aim to become the Norwegian partner in the industrialization of medical innovation. That is, we will produce pharmaceuticals in Norway for export. Curida is a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation) within pharmaceuticals, says Terje Gabrielsen, CFO at Curida.

Desired control

To achieve this, they considered it crucial to devote their time to their own core business. Nevertheless, they found that international payments required considerable time and resources. They therefore saw a need for an integration between the ERP system and the invoice processing system (EHF). In this regard, Curida found that the supplier of the ERP system could not offer an adequate solution.

- We had an international supplier who wasn't quite up to date on how to integrate certain systems. They proposed several solutions that were not sustainable. At the same time, we wanted to have control over the integration ourselves, Terje explains.

Focus on the core business

For Curida, the solution was to become a customer at Evidi, with integration through the service Connxio. In this way, they retained control over integration, while freeing up time for their own core activities, and predictability in terms of costs and management.

- We're doing something other than integrations. We are involved in the production of pharmaceuticals, so we cannot spend our time on maintenance and operation of other things. We have everything in the cloud.

Cuts time

Curida has used Connxio on the connection between its EHF system and ERP system. EHF is managed through a frontend, where all handling and approval of transactions takes place. With the click of a button, approved invoices can be sent directly into the ERP system, thanks to Connxio as an intermediary. The result is far more efficient operations on the production of financial figures.

- We cut the time on international payments by 80-90%. Once approved, there is a single button to press, and they are booked and paid, says Terje.

What the future holds

- The first impression of Connxio was very good. What you have delivered has gone smoothly. And we'll see. Going forward, we don't know yet. Now we're going to finish the current stage, then we'll take it one step at a time.

What would you say to others who ask if they should become a customer?

- Then I would probably say that as long as you are not going to do integration yourself, it is smart to test this solution, Terje concludes.