Motimate + Connxio = Integration made easy

Ranja Ovedal

Most of us prefer uncomplicated processes and simple solutions to the challenges we face in everyday life. And this is precisely what Motimate are working towards. They are a communication service which works to make learning and communication fun and easy for their customers.

- The goal is for it to be intuitive and engaging, and we make people's everyday lives better by making them better at their jobs, says Jan Steinar Kvilesjø, CTO at Motimate.

Wanted more efficiency

Motimate has undergone growth, and saw an increase in needs among its customers. Several wanted integrations of, for example, user access and completed courses. Until now, the work has been done by the developers at Motimate, in cooperation with the customer. Motimate wanted to work more efficiently and focus more on developing solutions.

- The challenges before Connxio were that we had many cases and we had large customers. So the need for assistance for integration became greater, explains Jan Steinar.

Focus on the core business

As a software company, integration is not Motimate's core area. They want to spend their time developing the best product possible, while at the same time offering their customers solutions that help simplify their everyday lives.

The solution was to enter into a partnership with Evidi and the service Connxio. Both parties feel that we have the same values; the desire to make the complicated into something simple and accessible.

- Connxio was a service that seemed interesting, and which was about integration and standardization. We want to make learning easy, and Evidi, with Connxio, wants to make integration easy.

Goal achieved

Jan Steinar says that Evidi has assisted in standardising the processes around quotes and deliveries, in addition to the integration service Connxio. He is left with a very positive impression of the service after the first completed projects.

- Evidi, after all, promises that integration will be easy with this service. And that is what they have managed to achieve. They have assisted our customers in a very professional manner, and we are very pleased with what Evidi has delivered through Connxio.

The partnership between the companies has given Motimate exactly the change in their everyday work life that they were looking for. With Connxio, they have freed up a lot of resources for their core business, so that they can focus more on their own product and its development.

- And that's what we wanted. We can help our customers much more with integration between users and learning. The biggest victory has been satisfied customers, says Jan Steinar.

An asset for many

In the future, Motimate expects to be able to scale with Connxio, and to be able to have the capacity for the growth that they envision. Jan Steinar says that they also expect to be able to integrate even larger customers in the future than they do today. And he has a clear message to others who are wondering if they should become partners.

- I recommend the service and it is definitely an asset for many who want to both deliver sales services and help customers with integration, concludes Jan Steinar.