Evidi's 2023: A year of celebrating Achievements, Partnerships and Growth

Jørn Seglem

Dear colleagues, customers, partners and friends!

As we approach the festive season, I want to thank our incredible team, loyal customers, and trusted partners. I am truly grateful for the rewarding year we've had together 🙏

In a world with continued Geopolitical challenges and local markets with higher cost levels and slower growth, I am proud of how the team in Evidi relentlessly have worked on adaptability -> focusing on what we can influence and keeping a #growthmindset to direct energy on business opportunities and creating value with our customers and partners. #thestrenghtliesintheunity

I am therefore excited to wrap up another remarkable year in Evidi and to share some of our most notable achievements and milestones:

🚀 In 2023 we are growing 23%, reaching revenues of MNOK 630. The key driver for this growth is the close business relationship and partnership we have with your customers. A milestone this year has also been our approach to Business Driven Architecture that is enabling our customers to achieve the flexibility needed in their IT architecture to seize new opportunities for growth.

💡Our Line-of-Business apps for Utilities & SaaS-wide offerings are gaining strong uptake and customer satisfaction growing our Products division +40% YoY - reaching recurring revenues In Evidi of +180m NOK in 2023. Strong results with an extremely engaged team in Evidi that are signing new customers monthly and continuing the growth into 2024.

📈 Our growth in Scandinavia and globally has continued through the acquisition of three amazing new companies: Valcore and Cloud Agility and Dynamic Elements #strengthliesintheunity. Both Valcore and Cloud Agility have experienced strong growth on their own but now want to join a wider team to “be more” for and with their customers. I simply love how we are showing up on equal terms in these processes for a joint growth journey 🙌

👋 Our team has also grown organically, welcoming 76 new highly diverse and talented individuals #theplacetogrow. The recruitment is mostly done through our great network of employees and with an #eNPS of 46 this is a sustainable model also in 2024. I am truly proud of how the team show up with our core values at heart and continuously evolving us and bringing to life our strategies on diversity, inclusion and equity.

👥 We have reached a total of 450 employees across offices in Oslo, Asker, Bergen, Halden, Sandnes, Sarpsborg, Stavanger, Tønsberg, Ballerup, Odense, Aarhus, Roskilde, Vejle, Thisted and Ahmedabad. In addition to this Global and Nordic reach, we are successful in staying local and close - rebranding and renovating our offices in Norway with our Evidi identity during 2023. And investing heavily in being #theplacetogrow for both leaders of people and tech-leaders.

👩‍💻 We are #morethanjusttechpeople, but we also love #tech✌️ And our tight partnership with Microsoft is growing in both Norway and the Nordics. We are embracing the possibilities in “AI” and have exciting projects ongoing on this, “co-pilot” and across the rest of the Microsoft tech-stack. In addition, we have an ambition to move into partnership with other great technology partners in the Microsoft ecosystem – to be more together towards the customers. Stay tuned for exciting announcements just after New-Years!

🥳 In August we celebrated our one-year anniversary as Evidi with a warm and inspirational #EvidiCelebration in Oslo – gathering more than 250 employees for a full day of inspiration, laughter and socializing. This will be a yearly event for all employees in Evidi onwards.

🏠 In the beginning of next year, we will be moving into amazing new headquarters in Oslo at Rådhusgata 5. And with sustainability in focus it has has been natural for us to see how our old furniture can come to new life when moving into a new location. We look forward to inviting to ODA event in this great new location during the spring.

💝 On behalf of all Evidi employees, we will be donating to Norwegian Refugee Council and Fattighuset as this year's Christmas gift. Thanks for the fantastic job you do in Norway and around the world! And as we say internally in Evidi; There are many terrible situations on a Global scale, and Christmas is not a high point for everyone in the Nordics neither. So I would like to encourage everyone to take extra care of each other and show compassion to those who need it during these challenging times.

Wrapping up - I want to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you again for your commitment and partnerships – we are excited for what's ahead in 2024 🚀

All the best,

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