The work culture of the future

Is the potential of employee power released?

The rapid pace of technological development has led to a remarkable transformation in the way we work. In communication, we have seen a silent revolution that has opened the doors to increased productivity and collaboration. But in the increasingly digitized reality, is everyone keeping up?

With platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Google Workspaces, communication and collaboration have gained powerful tooling support through technology. Where conversations were previously captured in email dialogues and file areas, transparent work arenas have been created. Here, creative collaboration, brainstorming and interdisciplinary interaction are promoted. Nevertheless, there is a question that must be decided: Is everyone in the business part of the journey? 

The answer is probably no. Successful transparent communication depends on a fine balance of several key components. Its essence lies in building on mutual trust in the working environment, where the following elements play a crucial role:

Key components

Psychological safety

For transparent working methods to succeed, it is crucial that employees feel psychologically safe in their everyday lives. Leaders must lead by example by demonstrating the willingness to share, creating an environment where mistakes are considered learning opportunities. A workplace characterized by transparency requires courageous leaders who are willing to show both their strengths and weaknesses. Even if the technology is in place, it is crucial that the business is rigged for the changes.
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Workplace balance

Short-term increased productivity is achieved with more measurements and a scorecard. Increased productivity over time is achieved by balancing goals, management, and good employee experiences.

Through the Viva suite, Microsoft is taking active steps in this area. It's been a long time since Microsoft began collaborating with leading research institutions studying digital work processes and digital workplace support (HRH). Microsoft's cloud platforms have collected billions of data points about how solutions are deployed. The purpose is to use this insight to increase productivity, both at the individual and organizational level.

Strategic cooperation

At Evidi strategy advisors, solution architects and change managers collaborate in a close team. The goal is to assist our customers in creating an attractive workplace and help their employees not only thrive, but also achieve a positive development. Evidi implements tailored frameworks for optimal use of Microsoft 365 with Teams and Viva. Our Prosci certified change managers follow up on the process before, during and after the technical deliveries to ensure a successful transition.
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Prerequisites for success

Companies that succeed can remove friction and obstacles to efficiency and collaboration across the board. The recipe for success lies in efficient internal processes and a business model supported by new technology. With good training and user adoption, resources are freed up for value-creating initiatives. This increases employee motivation, while maintaining competitiveness and increasing profitability.

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