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Leiv Thomas Sandnes, CTO

In a world driven by technological opportunity, it is often challenging for business leaders to unlock the full potential of their technology investments. What prerequisites must be in place to succeed in utilizing the technology so that it provides value for people and the business?

Globalisation and digitalisation are accelerating at a faster pace than ever before. This creates incredible opportunities and troubling challenges, but is the business actually extracting its technological potential? A number of advisory environments give a harsh verdict on the companies' ability to implement good digital change projects. Very few have good enough data to prove the returns from the investments made.

Technology that engages, drives growth

The ability to engage and create good experiences are important criteria for success. This applies regardless of whether it is with customers, employees, suppliers, residents or members. Knowledge, and a unified digital infrastructure, strengthen the company's ability to succeed on its transformation journey. This journey must be reflected throughout the business and its culture, all the way through to the brand's visual identity and communication.

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REMA 1000

Most businesses have invested in one or more solutions for effective communication and information sharing. The systems we use on a daily basis are expected to talk to one another.

The reality for many is that large amounts of resources are lost in inefficient processes and systems. Employees relate to different systems and tools, and do not have access to the same information with the consequences this entails. For this to work seamlessly, a plethora of integrations are required.

Companies that succeed are those that are able to remove friction and obstacles to efficiency and collaboration across the board. The recipe for success lies in efficient internal processes and a business model that can be supported by new technology. With good training and user adoption, resources will be freed up for value-creating initiatives. This increases employee motivation while maintaining competitiveness and increasing profitability.

A data-driven and open culture makes insights accessible

The amount of data is increasing, and it is evolving and expanding in line with new technology being introduced into the business. This means that the insight gained so far is no longer sufficient to be able to make good decisions. Most businesses are able to create reports in Power BI. The challenge lies in knowing where to find the right data, and how to make it available to those who need it in a secure and user-friendly way.

In a data-driven and open culture that combines available insights with artificial intelligence, sensors and automation, great opportunities arise to create a data-driven organisation. The insights are made available to everyone and in the tools they use, at all times. With insights comes automation, innovation, better experience and better decisions.

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Be able to solve the task, think outside the box!

Businesses that invest in new digital platforms are often left with untapped potential because they do not extract enough value from their investments. Traditionally, collaboration solutions have been about giving employees a more flexible working day in terms of time and place.

More people are becoming aware of how a modern collaboration solution can support other parts of the business, beyond the "classic" user scenarios. It's about being able to solve tasks, across the business, innovatively, safely and cost-effectively.

Companies that succeed in seizing opportunities invest early in expertise and are characterised by good team play internally and with partners. It helps the business understand its business needs, solve complex challenges and prepare a tailored solution proposal for how to seize the opportunities. Involvement and thorough processes are essential to realise the potential. Often, it's about taking advantage of the investments you've already made. With access to the right expertise, one is able to develop a solid digital platform that integrates the various digital functions in a common foundation. With a focus on user adoption and change management, the organisation is enabled to utilise the functionality optimally.

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Understanding business processes and adding value to data

The everyday life of a professional and specialist is about improving processes by utilizing technology smartly. However, problems are not solved by themselves. One must listen to the process, see the details and read between the lines. It must be set up in a system so that one can easily see what needs to be solved. Mastering both the breadth and depth is essential to realise potential by building a holistic platform around the customer's needs. It also involves changes in the business model and how the organisation operates internally and externally, both in the short term and over time.

The digital service platform acts as building blocks, making it easier and faster to build, test and change. Only creativity limits what can be created. Which building blocks are used and how they are assembled depends on the needs of the business. This creates incredible opportunities that make it easier for a business to realise its technological potential.

But at the end of the day, people are and will remain the most important resource in any business. The company's ability and capacity to make use of technology and data must be supported by culture and new ways of working. Then the results come.

Leading expertise in rapid digital development

Evidi aims to be the best at making customers succeed with their digital development. At Evidi we are convinced that the best solutions arise at the intersection between good collaboration, the right expertise and smart use of technology. The strength lies in the whole.

It lies in being able to interact and communicate in a secure manner, about having efficient work processes across the business and about providing flexibility for each individual, in everyday life.

With our expertise and technology platform, we enable our customers to continuously further develop their businesses and solve their tasks - innovatively, securely and cost-effectively.

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