Security in uncertain times

Ultimate safety

Security is essential for all businesses, and history shows that no one is immune to advanced threats. While certain sectors may be more vulnerable than others, the reality is that everyone must be prepared for attacks, whether they are accidental or targeted. That's why it's crucial to be proactive in managing your company's security. Continuous assessment of the threat landscape and the ability to effectively deal with potential threats is thus critical.

— Our starting point is "as few incidents as possible, and only manageable". The technology is supposed to protect, without you noticing.

Lars Offerdal, Head of Evidi Secure

The need for security is increasing

Even the smallest vulnerability can be exploited by malicious attacks, and the increasing flow of cyber threats gives security a central position in today's technological landscape. Most attacks on corporate computer systems still use well-known hacking methods and social engineering variants, such as phishing emails and automated login attempts. The continuous exploitation of technical vulnerabilities in the ICT systems highlights the consistently low security standards of several Norwegian enterprises.
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Good enough security is protection that fits the reality of your business. Good enough protection for people, information and systems against the threat landscape in force at any given time. Evidi contributes with everything from threat and risk assessment, penetration testing and secure development to security-related training and introduction of security systems.

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Recommended minimum measures:

Evidi assists businesses in mapping out necessary measures to keep up with threat assessments and to achieve optimal security. Our actions are tailored to the industry, current technology landscape and the company's individual tolerance for risk. With the goal of good enough safety, our clear and concrete recommendations make it easy for the business to prioritize and plan its security strategy.

We can help you establish good enough security!

Our focus is that security solutions should always be in accordance with the company's overall strategy. Therefore, we want to get to know the business well, to understand what you do and what goals you have. Through our experience and expertise, we are able to choose the tools and approaches that will give the best effect for your particular business.

Security should be a priority when it comes to the metaverse. It's a crucial factor in any digital space, and especially now. As the metaverse becomes more prevalent and complex, it is becoming increasingly important to implement effective security measures to protect users and their assets.

Silje Dahl Jacobsen, Security Advisor at Evidi 

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