Safety and security culture: Safe business, safe products, and safe customers

Security is a crucial factor in today's technological landscape, and the need to protect businesses from cyber threats is growing. Secure ensures that your business is equipped to handle current and future threats. With adequate security and protection that fits the reality of the business, and the knowledge and tools to be able to handle the threats one faces.

Since 2019, NSM has observed a threefold increase in the number of cyber incidents that have had serious consequences for Norwegian businesses. Unfortunately, there is still a generally low level of security in the ICT systems of Norwegian companies, where technical vulnerabilities are often exploited by attackers. 

Although more people are realising the seriousness of the digital threat and risk picture, technological developments and changes in the vulnerability landscape are progressing so rapidly that digital risk continues to increase. The security of ICT systems in Norwegian enterprises must therefore be strengthened.

NSM Risk Report 2022

Technology that protects without you noticing

Investing in increased security means that businesses pay for something that may not happen. And if it happens, you should still be able to handle it. To realise the benefits of investment in security, it is not sufficient to simply implement a new security solution and believe that the task is complete. There will always be a need for human engagement, as it is the people, technology and processes that often contribute to increased risk. A holistic approach is needed to ensure that investments provide the desired protection and reduce business vulnerabilities.

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Make use of your data

It is demanding for an enterprise to keep up to date and have the capacity and resources to ensure the continuity of its security work. Many therefore connect with external partners who have the expertise and can monitor, detect and act quickly on incidents.

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