Skill Communicate becomes leading Microsoft consultancy company

Ranja Ovedal


About the project

Skill Communicate AS becomes Norway's leading Microsoft consultancy company, and consists of Communicate Norge AS, Skill AS, Albatross IT Consultants AS (AITC), Pilaro AS and eSeven AS.

Skill Communicate has several subsidiaries, of which Skill and AITC become Skill Solutions, Pilaro and eSeven become Skill Core, while Communicate remains.

The project name of Credo Partner's new investment platform within IT services, was until the end of 2021 Aimbot, but this has now changed to Skill Communicate.

After the merger, the company now consists of the companies Skill, AITC, Pilaro, eSeven and Communicate. Together, these companies represent Norway's largest independent Microsoft partner, with expertise in the development, implementation, and maintenance of critical IT solutions, including physical and cloud-based infrastructure, critical business applications such as ERP, CRM and MS 365, data- and integration platforms as well as data modelling and analytics.

In total, the companies have a turnover of just under NOK 500 million with employees at offices in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Sandnes, Asker, Tønsberg, Sarpsborg and Halden.

Completion of the platform

In June 2021, the founders, management, and employees of the companies eSeven AS and Pilaro AS joined forces with Credo Partners and established Aimbot under Norwegian ownership. The idea was to become a new growth platform on Microsoft-focused IT services companies, where all founders and managers, as well as most employee shareholders, continued the ownership side of the new platform, where Credo Partners will represent approximately 60% of the ownership. In October, the employees and managers of Skill and Albatross IT Consultants AS (AITC) also joined the collaboration and thus became part of the venture.

As the latest addition to the family, Communicate completes the other companies with expertise in integration and development, digital service platforms and consultancy, associated strategy, digitization and architecture.

Total supplier of Microsoft technology

After the merger, the sum of the companies' expert competencies covers Microsoft's entire product portfolio and makes the group a total supplier of Microsoft technology, which provides a stronger delivery than the companies have been able to do individually. At the same time, today's local anchorages focus on proximity to customers and the companies' unique cultures must be maintained and further developed.

About co-operation and the future

To become part of this collaboration and help build a holistic platform with delivery capability across the Microsoft portfolio is incredibly exciting! Together with the other companies, enormous opportunities are opening that we could not have done alone. Now it's just a matter of rolling up your sleeves and starting the incredibly exciting journey!

Espen Stensund, CEO at Skill Communicate AS

Overall, we are more than 300 employees who stand together to help existing and new customers develop their business using Microsoft software. We are very pleased that Communicate chose us and we are pleased to have even more competent and motivated employees on board. Together we will create Norway's largest and best independent Microsoft competence center.

Odd Nymark, CEO at Skill Communicate AS

We started the Aimbot project in June 2021 through the acquisitions of Pilaro and eSeven and set ourselves the goal of spending 3 years acquiring the skills we need to offer IT services with a holistic approach based on Microsoft technology, to large SMBs and enterprise customers in Norway. After the acquisitions of Skill and AITC in October and now Communicate, we can call ourselves total supplier after 6 months in operation, which means that we have bought ourselves more time to develop the group into the leading Norwegian next-generation IT service player that the companies deserve to be. We are very excited to have Communicate on board. The company possesses a unique competence built up over more than 25 years, and we have gained a very good impression of the employees we have met through the process, and we look forward to our co-operation.

Gudmund Killi, Chairman of the Board at Aimbot AS and Managing Partner at Credo Partners AS

Ranja Pedersen Ovedal, CMO Evidi