Evidi is further investing in the grid industry and is now hiring an industry expert

Caroline Skuland

Evidi continues its ambitious growth journey and is now strengthening the industry knowledge with the addition of Christian Jurs Landa. With Landa on board, Evidi intensifies its focus on the grid industry and the goal of becoming a leading player in digitising this industry. Landa brings several years of experience from the grid industry and brings a broad network to the role of Industry Lead for Evidi's product Workflex, from January 1st, 2024.

From left: Toan Fjeldaas and Christian Landa


Bringing in expertise directly from the industry

With over 13 years of experience in grid management, Christian Landa will contribute to keeping Evidi at forefront of market trends, while adapting solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. Landa started hir career as an energy fitter and has worked as a project manager and system administrator at Fagne in recent years. He has also been a representative in Elbits, the grid companies' industry initiative for digitalisation.

The hiring of Christian Landa is a crucial step for Evidi in its efforts to strengthen its position in the grid industry, a regulated industry with a focus on quality and safety. Evidi's strategy is characterised by a desire for more openness, and Landa enters a key role, where he will play a central part in Evidi's contribution to digitalisation collaboration. The appointment will enhance Evidi's position as an advisory party in dialogue with customers.

We are extremely pleased that Christian will be part of our team. Bringing in expertise and experience directly from the industry strengthens product development. We are developing an industry solution, and it’s important that we develop based on the industry’s current needs. This is ensured by bringing in expertise from the industry, says Toan Fjeldaas, Chief Product Officer at Evidi.

FjelEvidi is committed to modernising and streamlining the grid industry through open collaborations. The skills enhancement supports Evidi's customer promise to empower ambitious businesses to seize their opportunities and potential.

Christian will be a valuable addition to our product team. His insight into the industry will significantly enrich our understanding. Through his experience with the use of Workflex, he has first-hand knowledge of the platform's potential. This gives us a significant advantage by combining technology and industry expertise. While product developers often operate from a purely technological perspective focusing on functionality, the addition of industry expertise facilitates better process understanding and implementation of best practice. And that’s where the added value is. With Christian on board, we can plan more effectively for upcoming regulatory changes and general market shifts, says Toan Fjeldaas.

Meeting increasing customer demands

The growing need for digitalisation requires Evidi to stay ahead of the latest trends in the market. Fjeldaas justifies the focus on products with the aim of standardising and transferring best practice from experience to the system. Product focus is a central part of Evidi, and consideration is given to how to work smarter and more sustainably.

Workflex is Evidi's dedicated product for the grid industry, aiming to continuously optimise operations for grid companies. The product is specially designed to meet increasing demands for service and speed in an ever-evolving technological world. Streamlining allows for increased focus on value-creating activities for customers. Fjeldaas reveals that efforts are currently underway to strengthen the position in the Western part of Norway, so Evidi can become even more customer centric. Christian Landa has the following to say about the appointment:

I hope to be an active participant in establishing a strong professional environment and developing an industry standard that continually focuses on the next steps for our customers – meaning grid companies, fiber companies and energy companies. The goal is to create a solid structure that enables faster delivery of services and at the same time inspires grid companies to explore new perspectives and streamline their systems. I want to contribute to shaping the overall plan and guiding towards a cohesive strategy.

Ensuring that processes should flow and function efficiently for both the customer and the system user is something Landa is passionate about. It’s also important for him to question and challenge his colleagues to see issues from multiple angles.

I am very much looking forward to joining Evidi in January and look forward to working closely with more grid companies. What I look forward to the most is creating synergies and contributing to mutual learning. Getting companies to benefit from each other's experiences and grow together, so they can realise their full potential and become the best version of themselves, concludes Christian Landa.

About Evidi

Evidi is the Nordic region's premier competence hub in Microsoft technology. We empower ambitious businesses to seize their opportunities through a holistic approach to people, processes, and technology.

Evidi deliver extensive expertise within our proprietary framework called Business Driven Architecture. This framework enables us to provide comprehensive competence in process and development, forming the basis for our leading position across the entire spectrum of Microsoft technologies. From CRM and ERP to Low-code/No-code development, the Azure cloud platform, security, implementation, and maintenance of critical IT solutions.

The company is expected to achieve a turnover of MNOK 630 in 2023, indicating a growth of 23% vs. 2022. Evidi currently has 450 employees across offices in Oslo, Asker, Bergen, Halden, Sandnes, Sarpsborg, Stavanger, Tønsberg, Ballerup, Odense, Aarhus, Roskilde, Vejle, Thisted and Ahmedabad.


Toan Nguyen Fjeldaas, CPO Evidi, toan.fjeldaas@evidi.com
Ranja Pedersen Ovedal, CMO Evidi, ranja.ovedal@evidi.com