Evidi hires Tom Rune Espedal as business developer in West

Ranja Ovedal

Jørn Seglem (left) and Tom Rune Espedal (right)


Great ambitions and local presence

After 13 years as general manager at Sandnes Ulf, Tom Rune Espedal now becomes part of Evidi. From 15 March, he will become a business developer in Region West, and is an important part of Evidi's presence in the region.

Espedal has considerable experience in management and getting people to play on the same team. He has played a crucial role in getting Sandnes Ulf to what they are today. Espedal comes from the IT industry and in recent years he has participated in projects with the introduction of local and central IT solutions in top sports.

After several years with top sports, I am back to where I started, namely in the IT industry. Evidi is a business in growth and with great ambitions, but at the same time with local roots, and they appear to me to be a very exciting business. With skilled employees who have long experience in Sandnes, there are great opportunities for me to develop together with the business and help build a strong Evidi in the region, says Espedal.

Growing region

With Evidi's growing position in the West Region, the local knowledge and understanding that Espedal possesses is crucial. His ability to see opportunities and elevate those he has around him, as well as his wide local network, will be an important factor in providing the best for the customers in the area. He looks forward to working closely together with colleagues and customers to accelerate digitalization and support local IT staff.

Evidi has a scale and breadth of competence and delivery that many businesses in the region demand. To give the right advice for using technology, it is important to know the market and be close to the customer. Now I look forward to contributing to developing the region together with Evidi, and to expanding and completing an already strong professional environment, says Espedal.

Curiosity and drive

Espedal enters a position closely linked to the investment of local presence in large parts of the country. CEO of Evidi, Jørn Seglem, believes that the employment of Espedal, and his technical and human expertise, will be important for Evidi's further growth in the area.

It will be incredibly exciting to have such a committed team player and culture builder as Tom Rune on board. He has already shown that he can build a club – and a workplace – where people can be good at different things but deliver as one team. His curiosity and his eye for how we create clear value for our customers, as well as our experience in building interdisciplinary teams together with customers, means that he will have a fantastic capacity to further develop Evidi regionally.

Evidi has many exciting customers in Region West with a strong local presence, such as Haaland Tynnplate, which has special focus on young people choosing a vocational education. The hiring of Espedal is an important part of Evidi's strategy to hire local IT staff.

There is great potential in gaining greater technological knowledge from several businesses in the West Region. Today, Evidi is a significant player in the region with over a hundred customers. We must grow within more industries and create additional value through broader and more holistic deliveries. We want to do this by playing on the same team as ambitious business players. We want to be visible and a contributor to something bigger in the community, and want to recruit both customers and employees here, explains Seglem.

About Evidi

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Ranja Pedersen Ovedal, CMO Evidi