AITC teams up with Skill and Aimbot

Ranja Ovedal

Albatross IT Consultants AS (AITC) and Skill AS become part of Aimbot – and become Norway's leading consultancy.

On Friday 8 October, Skill AS and Albatross IT Consultants AS signed an agreement with Credo Partners to become part of their investment with the project name Aimbot. With that, Aimbot consists of the companies; Skill, Albatross, Pilaro and eSeven – together they become Norway's leading Microsoft consultancy company.

The companies that make up Aimbot bring competences from the entire Microsoft portfolio with them, and after the acquisition they will be able to deliver from the entire value chain, incl. Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM, data and analytics, Office 365 and collaboration, security, modern infrastructure based on Azure, licensing consulting and more. The collaboration will give the companies a greater impact as a total supplier of Microsoft products, while allowing the companies to maintain proximity to customers and the unique culture.


About Aimbot

In June 2021, the founders, management, and employees of the companies eSeven AS and Pilaro AS joined forces with Credo Partners and established Aimbot under Norwegian ownership. The idea was to become a new growth platform for Microsoft-focused IT services companies, where founders and managers as well as most shareholder employees, continue the ownership side of the new platform, Credo Partners will represent approximately 60% of the ownership. Now the employees and managers of Skill and Albatross IT Consultants AS (AITC) are also joining the collaboration and thus also becoming part of the investment.

Match made in heaven

It was in the spring of 2021 that it all started with Skill and Albatross (AITC) quickly finding common ground. Both companies had a desire to grow in line with the increasing demand from customers in the market and saw the opportunities that together they would become the leading consultancy company on Microsoft CRM in Norway.

We see a strong consolidation in the IT industry. There are evident benefits of being bigger and clear synergies to be gained, and increasingly challenging to be small. The need to grow is there to create the right opportunities for our employees. As a major player, we will be relevant to larger projects and more exciting assignments, as well as become more attractive to new talents and even more exciting professional environments, says Skill AS' founder and general manager Kai Atle Rød.
When we were introduced to Credo Partner's growth platform Aimbot, consisting of Pilaro and eSeven, the choice to enter a collaboration with them became easy. The merger will result in us expanding our projects and deliveries to include Microsoft ERP and becoming a total supplier of Microsoft technology. In addition, we share the same thoughts for the future, and have the same values, which is a good starting point for a cultural match, says Rød.

About cooperation and the future

This is a true joy! There has been great interest in Albatross' services and not least our value-focused project approaches. Together with eSeven, Pilaro and Skill, the group will have even greater capacity, professional weight, and additional service areas, which means that we will be able to become a «one stop shop» strategic partner for our existing and future customers, says Stein Holte, General Manager of Albatross IT Consultants (AITC)

CEO of Aimbot, Odd Nymark, is also looking forward to the close collaboration with Skill AS and AITC:

With Skill and Albatross on board, Aimbot has taken an important step towards creating Norway's leading IT services partner focused on Microsoft technology. I look forward to working closely with the talented employees at Albatross and Skill to ensure that our customers can access world-class competences and products, says Nymark.

Fun to see that the staff are involved

When the agreement was made, the companies with their owners and employees showed a huge commitment and great faith in the investment, as over 98% of the employed shareholders wanted to re-invest in the new company with significant oversubscription.

The feedback from the employees has been fantastic. The employed shareholders of Skill and Albatross have shown incredible commitment and a strong willingness to invest their savings in Aimbot, which led to a significant oversubscription. This is an important confirmation from employees in both companies that they have great faith in the investment and common future, says Kai Atle Rød.

Ranja Pedersen Ovedal, CMO Evidi