LicenseLicense optimiation, future consulting and sustainable strategy

Ranja Ovedal


License – permit – safety – flexibility. The technology landscape is constantly changing, and with increasing speed. With that fact comes new software products, licensing models and complex regulations businesses to deal with. Evidi License ensures that your business complies with laws and regulations, to avoid legal, financial and resource related consequences.

Proper licensing is crucial in today's rapid technological development and resource intensive landscape. It ensures legal compliance, protects the reputation of the business and prevents unnecessary costs. By adapting licenses to the needs of your business, you achieve cost-efficiency and free up valuable resources. This provides peace of mind, both for employees and the business as a whole, while increasing productivity and creating a platform for future growth and innovation.

Efficient use of resources

Through a thorough analysis of business needs and goals, license advisors can create tailored licensing solutions that fit the business needs and situational picture exactly. 

An overview of the licenses provides better control over the available assets in the business and how they are utilized. By clarifying which licenses are in use, you can optimize costs by eliminating redundant or unused licenses. This gives the business the opportunity to cut unnecessary expenses and use resources more efficiently. License advisors can help identify and implement cost-effective licensing solutions. 

Change and scalability

In addition to ensuring compliance and cost-effectiveness, the right licensing gives businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the ever-changing technological landscape. Licensing systems are designed to support businesses while adapting to change and scalability. 

A thorough overview of licenses enables strategic decisions to expand, upgrade or change licensing models, enabling the business to adapt to technological changes, trends and future needs. This helps foster innovation, increase competitiveness and strengthen the company's digital transformation, while preparing the business for the technological landscape of the future. 

Future consulting

License advisors develop strategies for the future needs and scalability of the business by identifying and anticipating trends and changes in technology and licensing. They help build flexible licensing models for future opportunities and ensure sustainable investments over the long term. 

Licensing advisors also play an important role as future advisors, developing strategies that take into account the future needs of the company and create flexible licensing models. This forward-thinking perspective makes licensing consulting an invaluable asset for businesses looking to be proactive and competitive in an ever-changing digital landscape. 

Sustainable strategy

Businesses need to be able to adapt to their own development and the changing needs of the market. Proper licensing provides precisely this opportunity. By choosing a solution that meets today's needs while allowing for future changes, businesses can ensure that they are not only equipped for today's challenges, but also for future opportunities. This aspect of licensing provides a flexibility that is essential to keep pace with rapid technological developments and create a sustainable digital strategy. 

In a world where time and resources are limited and competition is intense, optimal licensing is more important than ever. It's not just about meeting legal requirements and avoiding legal consequences, but also about creating a platform for success and growth. By working with licensing advisors, businesses can draw on their expertise and experience to ensure they have the right licensing strategy in place. This not only provides security, but also the opportunity to optimize resources, adapt to changes and exploit the full potential of technology. In today's technological landscape, proper licensing is a strategic investment that can provide a competitive advantage and lay the foundation for long-term success.