Where will the IT budgets go this year?

Ranja Ovedal

IT has become a crucial factor for most organisations in today's digital society. We want to be able to work more efficiently, have a better overview and insight into the amount of data, better interaction and secure our data at all levels.

When Gartner came out with its report in July 2022, it said software purchases would grow by 11.8% globally in 2023, or a value of $880 billion. This is the fastest growing segment of the IT market in 2023.

What, then, will 2023 be like?

What technology does the trend say it will be invested in;

Basert på funn i Gartner-rapport

With the large growth of new technology, the growth of IT projects will go "hand in hand". It is said that software today accounts for an average of 35% of the IT budget, and it is easy to forget that behind every technology there is often a license. Ensuring that the individual employee has the right license, with the right functionality, can be decisive for future IT budgets.

It is easy to lose track when using different suppliers in projects and for purchasing technology, but for many it is crucial to be able to shop freely. IT partners and consultants have different expertise and industry experience, but the result is quite often that you become over licensed and pay for more than you actually need because no one sees your organisation in its entirety.

There's money to save

It is first and foremost important to have an overview of all agreements and subscriptions regardless of where you have purchased these. Consult a licensing advisor and together you will be able to do a benefit analysis. You don't need to move or buy licenses from your license advisor for them to help. A licensing advisor can just as easily be an external party to help you see the big picture. One thing is what to invest in going forward, another thing is everyday life. A licensing advisor will be able to advise such that investments are made not only for this year, but also for the next 3-5 years.

A license advisor is a asset to the organisation and works as an advisor together with the organisation on all projects focused on cost control.

What does a licensing advisor do?

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