Archeo – the ultimate log management tool

Kjartan Halstvedt


The solution automates log management to keep track of business processes and provide insight in the information flow. With Archeo, IT-pros and ordinary business users quickly gets an overview of what has been sent to whom, when, and where the message is (stuck). That level of insight is more important than you would imagine, as it cuts costs and saves time across the business.

Archeo is a software as a service solution designed to give detailed knowledge of the message flow in and out of the business, says Pål Harseth. He is one of the lead developers behind the solution.

It’s not uncommon that IT-pros spends lots of time troubleshooting infrastructures and networks attempting to find lost messages. With Archeo you can get the monkey off your back.

It is possible to test a free version of Archeo for 30 days, free of charge. An API-key gets you quickly up and running. If you choose to invest in the product, rest assured, there is no risk. You can end the subscription with 30 days’ notice. Get in touch with our advisors for more information or to start the free trial.

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Easy tool for monitoring your message flows

The features in Archeo is quite similar to common log solutions, but differs in terms of end to end overview and high user friendliness. This means that the time when the IT-department had to use hours, weeks and days to find lost messages are a blast from the past.

With Archeo its easy for all business users to locate emails, invoices, messages and transactions in just a matter of seconds, across clouds and networks. One can quickly pinpoint where the invoice or freight document have stopped, and ensure that it finds it intended recipient, says Harseth.

This end to end overview gives detailed insight of all business messages, both in terms of what type of content it is, and the status of it. Making it a valuable tool for especially large organizations, and those having to document procedures and processes.

It’s tempting to compare it with parcel tracking where you automatically knows where a shipment is at all times. You don’t have to troubleshoot all systems, you are automatically told where the item is when you use Archeo, according to Harseth.

Used in complex infrastructures

The solution is based on Message Tracking Monitor, which is a widely used software deployed in several of Norway’s most complex and sensitive infrastructures.

Archeo is the improved and more user-friendly SaaS evolution that is tailored businesses that wants:

Archeo can be used on all platforms, logs through a rest-API, and comes with an intuitive web-based interface.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, please get in touch with our advisors.