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Digitalisation of the Goods and Retail Industry

High inflation and higher interest rates are leading to changes in consumer spending habits. The textile and retail industry are currently facing several challenges. According to KPMG, key priorities for this pressured industry include deep customer insights, value chain optimisation and process automation.

To meet today's expectations and adapt to tomorrow's challenges, it is crucial to have a reliable IT partner by your side. At Evidi, we possess comprehensive expertise in consulting, change management, development, implementation and maintenance of critical IT solutions built on Microsoft technology. We empower ambitious businesses to seize opportunities through a holistic approach to people, processes and technology, and can help businesses in goods and retail to strengthen their position, gain better insight into their customers and increase their digitalization power. We have extensive experience in areas that are important for goods and retail, and offer a complete and tailor-made solution based on the needs of the business. 

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Meet the future with a digital service platform

A business’s various products, systems and services require a common platform to be able to talk to each other across technologies. A modern, digital service platform serves as a key component in meeting this demand, and several other challenges faced by businesses in the retail sector.

In today's situation where margins are getting smaller, while conditions are becoming more numerous and demands greater, it is essential to have tools to help enable rapid changes and results. By connecting disparate business systems and automating routine tasks, a digital service platform can help streamline operations at manufacturers, distributors, and stores. This includes everything, from inventory management and order management, to payment processes and customer service. Businesses will then be able to offer a seamless experience across various sales channels, including brick-and-mortar stores, online stores and mobile apps. This makes it easier for customers to shop wherever and whenever they want, while also providing the business with better opportunities to tailor customer engagement.

Full overview and insight with the right data

For businesses within the retail industry, it is crucial to have an overview and control of the value chain, warehouse buildings, factories and business connections along with their associated contacts. By controlling this, the effect is increased insight and transparency in daily activities. This provides room for action to mitigate risks, and the opportunity to enhance margins and satisfaction among employees and business partners.

We establish data structures and analyse data for our customers, enabling them to make data-driven and informed decisions to enhance efficiency and quality. For the retail industry, this provides access to reliable and compliant data, which further empowers early stage control and data-driven decision-making.

Europris lays the foundation for process automation with a new analysis and integration platform

- When the IT department is out in the business, the message is that those who need data and insight should get them! And they shouldn't depend on the IT department to order a report.

Thomas Nakken, Head of Data Platform and Analysis at Europris
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Elevate the customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Empowering growth through a CRM solution makes it easier to engage and create the good experiences, allowing businesses to reap the reward of their investments. A unified CRM system, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, can be the key to success by proving a holistic view of customer interactions, whether in B2B or B2C transactions. By leveraging features like analytics and insights, businesses gain valuable insights to shape targeted marketing and sales strategies, while improving the customer experience and strengthening relationships.

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Furthermore, Dynamics 365 offers a shared platform for collaboration and information sharing across different departments, which is essential for breaking down silos and fostering collaboration between sales, marketing and customer service. By integration of other business applications such as ERP systems, businesses can automate order processing and inventory management, thus boosting efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Licensing – how to stay compliant

As new software products, licensing models and complex regulations continue to emerge, businesses across all industries must navigate these challenges. Relevant considerations include sustainability requirements and packaging management, particularly for businesses in the sector. Through a thorough analysis of the business’ needs and goals, our licensing advisors can create tailored solutions that precisely align with the business’ context, optimising costs. Beyond ensuring compliance and cost-effectiveness, licensing also enables businesses to leverage ever-evolving industry technologies.

In a world where time and resources must be streamlined and competition is fierce, optimal licensing becomes more critical than ever. It's not just about meeting legal requirements and avoiding legal consequences; it’s also about creating a platform for success and growth. A clear overview of licenses enhances control over available resources an in your business and how they are being utilized. By understanding which licenses are in use, busineses can optimise costs by eliminating unnecessary or unused licenses. This empowers manufacturers, distributors, and factories to reduce unnecessary expenses and allocate resources more efficiently, with licensing advisors helping identify and implement cost-effective licensing solutions.

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Safety is being taken care of

From 2019 to 2022, the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) observed a tripling in the number of cyber incidents with severe consequences for Norwegian businesses. As of 2024, the overall security level in Norwegian companies’ ICT systems remains insufficient, with technical vulnerabilities often exploited by attackers. We are highly vulnerable to supply chain disruptions, and any irregularities immediately impact production, supply, and distribution.

Here are some of the security products and services we offer:

Consulting and sustainability

Retail itself is not a CO₂-intensive industry, unlike the supply chains associated with the industry from manufacturer to store. Increasingly, new laws and regulations are being put in place, both in the EU and globally, and businesses in the industry will be required to comply to become more sustainable.

The desired long-term outcome is to improve the the profitability and climate impact of the supply chains. By taking responsibility for sustainable development, the retail industry can positively contribute to society by creating more sustainable and resource-saving processes, improving working conditions and supporting local economic growth. Integrating sustainable solutions can also ensure more long-term profitability and reduced risk related to future environmental requirements and market changes.

With ever-increasing demands for emissions reduction and data management, having a partner to navigate and establish more automated data collection and processing is crucial. Evidi has extensive experience and expertise in advising on sustainability data, sustainability strategy, reporting and program management. Our expertise enables you to meet legal requirements and achieve your own and collective climate goals. Some benefits of sustainable practices and sustainability data reporting include enhanced reputation and stronger position as a responsible player in the industry. This can further build trust among customers, investors and other stakeholders.

Digital Transformation; Bridging the gap between current and desired state

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