Evidi merges all acquired companies in Denmark and establishes an ambitious growth journey

Caroline Skuland

Evidi announced the acquisition of Danish Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialist Valcore at the end of November 2023. Earlier in 2023, Evidi also acquired Cloud Agility, a Microsoft Business Central ERP and Microsoft Finance & Supply Chain specialist. These companies now merge with Evidi Core in Denmark to establish Evidi as a leading Microsoft powerhouse in the Danish market. By doing this in tight and curious-driven partnership with engaged colleagues from the Norwegian teams their ambition is to stretch towards a leading position in Denmark during 2024/2025.

From left: Jørgen Peter Rasmussen, Lars Bo Nielsen and Oscar Tolstrup.


The strength lies in the unity

Evidi aims to establish itself as the premier powerhouse in Microsoft technology across the Nordic region. The consolidation of our Danish acquisitions is aimed at enhancing communication with the market and all our customers.

It's truly exciting to rapidly finalize the merger of the companies in Denmark and keep our focus on inviting in new colleagues and customers. For our customers, this merger signifies our capability to deliver services and solutions that comprehensively support their entire business. Leveraging a digital service platform and a secure, scalable infrastructure, we can seamlessly integrate various systems, including ERP and CRM, creating a unified platform for our customers. We often emphasize the strength found in the unity, and it's through delivering the entire Microsoft stack with insights from our experts that we can confidently make this promise to our customers, states CEO Jørn Seglem.

Managing Director of Evidi Denmark, Oscar Tolstrup, shares Seglem's enthusiasm and adds:

We're thrilled to join forces with the teams at Valcore and Cloud Agility. Completing the merger significantly streamlines our customer interactions. Collaboratively, we aim to strengthen our presence in Denmark and embark on a shared growth journey with our existing fantastic team, along with the new additions we look forward to welcoming in 2024.

Oscar Tolstrup, Managing Director, Evidi Denmark

The executives at both Valcore and Cloud Agility endorse Seglem and Tolstrup, with Thomas la Cour Søndergaard from Valcore contributing:

In Norway, Evidi has already solidified its position as the premier Microsoft specialist. By replicating this success in Denmark, we aim to provide our Danish customers with the same comprehensive expertise under a unified company. We're eager to contribute to this growth journey!

The union of these three companies now shapes a distinctive and formidable partnership. We are privileged to play a role in building Evidi in Denmark. Our focus on employee well-being, job satisfaction, and professionalism aligns seamlessly with shared values across all the companies, concludes Jørgen Peter Rasmussen from Cloud Agility.

About Evidi

Evidi is the Nordic region's premier competence hub in Microsoft technology. We empower ambitious businesses to seize their opportunities through a holistic approach to people, processes, and technology.

Evidi deliver extensive expertise within our proprietary framework called Business Driven Architecture. This framework enables us to provide comprehensive competence in process and development, forming the basis for our leading position across the entire spectrum of Microsoft technologies. From CRM and ERP to Low-code/No-code development, the Azure cloud platform, security, implementation, and maintenance of critical IT solutions.

The company is expected to achieve a turnover of MNOK 630 in 2023, indicating a growth of 23% vs. 2022. Evidi currently has 450 employees across offices in Oslo, Asker, Bergen, Halden, Sandnes, Sarpsborg, Stavanger, Tønsberg, Ballerup, Odense, Aarhus, Roskilde, Vejle, Thisted and Ahmedabad.


Jørn Seglem, CEO Evidi, jorn.seglem@evidi.com

Thomas la Cour Søndergaard, CEO Valcore, thomas@valcore.dk

Jørgen Peter Rasmussen, CEO Cloud Agility, jpr@cloud-agility.com

Oscar Tolstrup, Managing Director Evidi Denmark, oscar.tolstrup@evidi.com

Ranja Pedersen Ovedal, CMO Evidi, ranja.ovedal@evidi.com