Evidi is gearing up further and bringing in two experienced board members

Ranja Ovedal

Jørn Seglem (left), Yan Zheng, Karin Berg and Gudmund Killi (right)

Evidi continues its growth journey and commitment to deliver on its customer promise, to equip ambitious businesses to seize their opportunities. The business brings in two strong female candidates with different perspectives and experiences. The addition of Yan Zheng and Karin Berg marks a strategic intensification, with an increased focus on product development, SaaS and marketing.


Sustainable growth through diversity

Evidi has an unshakable belief that sustainable growth is best ensured with a broad diversity of people, disciplines and capabilities.

CEO of Evidi, Jørn Seglem, particularly highlights Yan Zheng's experience in product development and the commercial launch of services, combined with many years at McKinsey. Her experience and perspectives make her a valuable asset for the continued growth of Evidi.

Yan has an exciting background and an international mindset. Combined with her passion and skills related to the development and commercialization of B2B product portfolios, she will contribute valuable insights and important perspectives, especially within our focus on Managed Services and service of products and deliveries. We're really looking forward to having her on board, says Jørn.
It is with great enthusiasm that I take a seat on Evidi's board early in their growth journey. In particular, the focus on service of products and deliveries fascinates me. I look forward to helping shape the further growth journey together with Evidi. My experience in creating profitable B2B products, together with my strategic thinking, I believe will contribute positively to investment in this area, says Yan.

Karin Berg is an experienced marketing leader, who also has a consulting background from both McKinsey and BearingPoint. Karin also brings perspectives from a significant restructuring of all B2C activities in Komplett. In addition, she has experience with small start-ups. This combination is definitely an advantage in Evidi's growth journey.

Karin has a strategic mindset and can quickly familiarize herself with a company's value chain and drivers. Her experience in the B2C market, from large companies to agile start-ups, with scalable business models, will be exciting to benefit from for Evidi, says Jørn enthusiastically.
I’m really looking forward to joining Evidi's board and contributing my perspectives. It’s exciting to be able to influence the further journey of a business that has already achieved rapid growth and has such big ambitions as Evidi. Their focus on service of products and deliveries, along with the pace of the organisation, is particularly exciting to be a part of, says Karin. I’m exited!

The strength in the unity

With the addition of two female board members, the composition of the board is perceived as balanced in experience, expertise and breadth of perspectives. They will complement each other and help drive the business towards its goals.

We warmly welcome the two new board members, Yan and Karin, who bring with them a rich range of perspectives within our strategic focus areas. These talented and committed women will enrich our already knowledgeable board and add valuable input to Evidi's development. Yan and Karin bring a unique dynamic to Evidi, with their backgrounds in tech and B2B on the one hand, and market and B2C on the other. This variation is considered a significant strength, which will enrich the board's competence base and provide valuable perspectives to Evidi, concludes Chairman Gudmund Killi.

About Evidi

Evidi's combined expertise and technology platform enables businesses to continuously develop and innovate – innovative, safe and cost-effective. The interplay between people, business processes and technology creates better businesses, which are equipped to seize opportunities.

Evidi possesses comprehensive expertise in consulting, change management, development, implementation, and maintenance of critical IT solutions, including physical and cloud-based infrastructure, critical business applications such as ERP, CRM, data and integration platforms, as well as data modeling and analysis. This makes Evidi the most comprehensive provider of products and services with Microsoft technology at its core in Norway.

Credo Partners is a Norwegian investment company that scales up businesses in partnership with investors and entrepreneurs. Evidi is 50% owned by employees, in partnership with Credo Partners as an active owner and shareholder. Aggregately, the company had a turnover of 530 MNOK in 2022. Evidi has 430 employees in offices in Oslo, Asker, Bergen, Halden, Sandnes, Sarpsborg, Stavanger, Tønsberg, Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus and Ahmedabad.

Ranja Pedersen Ovedal, CMO Evidi