The strength lies in the unity

Leiv Thomas Sandnes, CTO

Capture all perspectives

All businesses have an enterprise architecture and a process landscape. The crucial question is how intentional it is. Is the architecture the result of many conscious actions, or is it characterised by chance and individual initiatives? To enable you to seize the opportunities in your market, the architecture must be sustainable and flexible. It must withstand constant change and endure over time. To do this, we need to see the business from multiple perspectives. We need to steer clear of blind spots and truly understand. Why do you exist? How do you deliver and what do you deliver? By comprehending these viewpoints and identifying the opportunities that have eluded you in recent years, whether organizationally or technologically, we can craft positive experiences and optimize enterprise architecture for swift digital advancement.

The strength lies in a shared commercial platform

We believe that the key to success and creating value for the business lies in the ability to engage and involve management and representatives from the business side early on when making technology choices. It provides a better starting point for establishing an architecture and solutions that are rooted in the business side and with the employees.

At Evidi, by engaging broadly within our own organisation, we have established new digital solutions which support all core processes. The goal has been to create a closer and more relevant connection to our business across the organisation, both from the business and IT perspectives.

In the segment of our business that directly interacts with customers, we've instituted what we call our commercial (digital) platform. This platform empowers us to enhance connectivity and provide a comprehensive customer experience.

The service platform has been developed for a time when Evidi has been through extensive changes both technologically and organisationally. We constantly need to integrate with new applications, and data from different systems must be made available across the business.

Faster digital development

A modern service platform has been developed for a time when we constantly need to integrate with new applications, and data from different systems must be made available across the business.

The service platform allows us to modernize our IT architecture and implement business-critical initiatives more rapidly than if we hadn't systematically taken fundamental steps in how we proceed and engage our people. By making data easily accessible, the risk and complexity of numerous processes are reduced, while speed, flexibility and the realm of possibilities increase dramatically.

The digital service platform acts as building blocks, making it easier and faster to build, test and modify. Which building blocks are used and how they are assembled depends on the specific requirements of the business.

Rigged to seize opportunities

Better composed organisations

In our piece on "Business Driven Architecture," we discussed the approach to solving tasks across the entire business in an innovative, secure, and cost-effective manner. The focus was on specifying change needs, engaging the business side in architecture and solution choices, and, from an IT architect's viewpoint, challenging how the business is organized—essentially, placing the human dimension at the core.

At Evidi, this is referred to as a Business Driven Architecture, where what we seek are better composed businesses.
For a business architect, this serves as the optimal starting point for designing new digital infrastructure and solutions.

Engage your entire business

At Evidi, from the very outset, everyone in the company is involved in the customer axis. The purpose is to create a closer and more relevant connection to the customer's business by engaging domain expertise from both business and IT. The feedback from our employees and managers is that they get energy from familiarizing themselves with the customer's business and issues. And they are constantly exploring new possibilities in technology. It fosters trust with our customers when we take responsibility for our deliveries and actively address what matters to them.

Our customers recognize the crucial role of technology in the functioning and advancement of their business. Hence, they seek a partner dedicated to delivering the utmost value, both financially and ethically. Ultimately, we are all collaborative team players, enhancing each other's performance.

Our customer promise - Rigged to seize opportunities

Today, businesses are navigating an ever-changing landscape. A landscape where one must be agile, willing to change and be able to turn quickly to seize the opportunities that arise. In addition to a landscape where one must be resilient to withstand threats and attacks.
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