Rigged to seize opportunities

Leiv Thomas Sandnes, CTO

Today, businesses are navigating an ever-changing landscape. A landscape where one must be agile, willing to change and be able to turn quickly to seize the opportunities that arise. In addition to a landscape where one must be resilient to withstand threats and attacks.

Opportunities seldom arise without purposeful work behind it. This is true in all areas, including businesses. So how do you equip your business to both create and seize opportunities?

More than just technology

Preparing a business to seize opportunities, create them and be rigged for the future is about more than just implementing a system or process. Implementing technology for the sake of technology will never pay off in the long run. It's not about the technology itself, it's about what it enables you to do and how it contributes to achieving the goal that has been set, both for the business and its employees.

- It's about always keeping the people who will use the technology, before it is chosen, in mind. Seeing what their needs are, along with the needs of the business. The right tools for actual needs and adequate training, are crucial to success, says Ramiz Khalife, senior enterprise architect at Evidi.

People, business, technology

There is a plethora of technologies that can solve the same challenges, some better than others, but what exactly constitutes the core of a business? The people. The staff. Without them, the enterprise is an empty shell. At the same time, a business must earn money to survive, and efficiency and optimal utilization of resources are and remain important.

However, implementing new systems and technologies has little effect if the foundation is weak or unsuitable for change. It must be strong, flexible and adaptable with employees as a part of the process. The connection between people, business processes and technology is an important piece in preparing for the future.

For both business and IT, it's about the ability to adapt to the market and respond quickly to changes. The success stories from the thriving businesses are built upon the fact that they have a rock-solid, unified and holistic value chain that supports the employees, the business and IT. Whatever their business needs, they have access to solutions and tools that are interconnected and capitalize on the opportunities offered by technology. They have created a culture that always strives to bring out the best in people and the organisation, alongside a company with a broad and deep technological competence.

Extracting value from technology

Evidi will help customers achieve their desired state and this goes far beyond just implementing a system, process or specific technology. Assisting businesses to reach a state means giving good advice, thinking holistically and considering long-term implementations. Both across what Evidi can deliver, especially in light of what the business actually needs, and in relevance to developments in the world.

Rigging businesses to seize opportunities is not limited to the next few years. Behind it should be a flexibility that makes every change an opportunity, not a challenge. One should not experience being locked into systems and not being able to participate in the necessary development to survive because one did not think holistically, flexibly and long-term.

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