Merged five businesses and aim for the billion

Ranja Ovedal

Jørn Seglem, CEO

The new Norwegian technology business Evidi will double its turnover over the next four years.

Skill Communicate AS changes its name to Evidi. The new business is one of Norway's largest and most comprehensive providers of services with Microsoft's solutions at its core.

Evidi is a result of the merger of the IT consulting businesses Seven, Pilaro, Communicate, Skill and Albatross IT. The business has 300 employees in twelve offices in Oslo, Asker, Bergen, Halden, Sandnes, Sarpsborg, Stavanger and Tønsberg. Turnover in 2021 was almost NOK 500 million, and the ambitions towards 2026 are set high:

We need to double and become a billion-dollar business. The growth will primarily come through good customer experiences, by establishing ourselves in the rest of the Nordic region, and we cannot rule out that there will be more acquisitions if some exciting opportunities arise, says CEO Jørn Seglem.

The newest addition is a brand-new establishment in Denmark. Here, the business will initially help support business systems, and the plan is a quick scale-up.

We believe that there are many Danish customers who want assistance in creating more value using digital service platforms. There is room in the market for a complete Microsoft partner who can help Danish businesses transform data into value, says Seglem.

A start-up in Sweden over the next year is also under consideration.


Must prove the value that technology creates

Evidi's services are strategy and consultancy, cloud infrastructure, digital performance platforms and systems for better business operations, such as CRM, ERP, and collaboration.

The name Evidi is inspired by the Latin word evidence, which stands for something obvious, evidence or result of investigation that supports an assumption.

Many leaders say that it is difficult to understand the value which all technology investments create, and this is exactly where we can contribute. We must ensure that investments are rooted in the business plan so that customers can more easily seize new opportunities with rapid digital development. They need to understand the value created by and with data, says Seglem.

Six out of ten employees are co-owners

Evidi wants as many employees as possible to have the opportunity to become co-owners of the business, and they have a shareholder program with favorable terms. So far, 60% of employees have become shareholders, or have expressed a desire to become so.

We are incredibly proud that so many colleagues want to own their own workplace. We want to be a value-driven business where employees can grow professionally and personally, and where they experience that they take part in the value creation financially, says Seglem.

The plan is to hire at least 250 new specialists in the coming years. Evidi will achieve this by gaining a reputation as a safe and exciting workplace for committed subject matter experts who are motivated to create new types of values together with customers.

It's exciting to create a whole new culture for five proud businesses. Everyone has a responsibility to contribute to shaping the dream workplace, where we respect each other and are curious, positive and can help create value for customers, financially and for employees. We must be the specialists who take an interest, concludes Seglem.

Evidi's largest owner is the Norwegian investment business Credo Partners, which has also been the initiator of bringing the five businesses together.

Ranja Pedersen Ovedal, CMO Evidi